01 What Is Amillennialism?” — (MP3) Amillennialism (MP3 Series) – Kim Riddlebarger. Sat, 05/28/ – — admin. 01 What Is Amillennialism?. Author Information: Dr. Kim Riddlebarger is pastor of Christ Reformed Church in To order from , Click here: A Case for Amillennialism. Scripture References for A Case for Amillennialism (prepared by Mark Vander Pol). (23K). Copyright © , Kim Riddlebarger. All rights reserved.

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A Case for Amillennialism: This is an “easy” read as well. Sermons on the Epistles of John. Helpful resource riddlebwrger this topic, even if it’s not a subject that thrills me to study.

Like the author, I have always had major hangups with that viewpoint, but had never heard a compelling argument for the amillennarian perspective, partially because the perspective was generally poo-pooed by my teachers as not taking the biblical text seriously or literally.

I need time to think about the arguments in this book more, especially the Two-Age model presented in chapter 8, which in my opinion is the strongest chapter in the book.

Amillennarians believe that the millennium is a present reality centered in Christ’s heavenly reign, not a future hope of Christ’s rule on earth after his return. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

A Case for Amillennialism presents an accessible look at the crucial theological question of the millennium in the context of contemporary evangelicalism. This is an excellent book for the way it handles dispensationalism and premillennialism. He admits that the most natural interpretation of the “first resurrection” is the new birth; however, he still tries to make this mesh with an amillennial reign that is restrict Riddlebarger’s strongest argument for amillennialism is redemptive-historical.

If you are premillennial A succinct and helpful introduction to what Riddlebarger argues is the ‘Historic Reformed Protestant’ understanding of the millennial reign of Christ in Revelation 20 Amillennialism. Share your thoughts with other customers. Daniel 9, Matt 24, Rom 11, Rev Books I’ve Written and Published Essays. A Case for Amillennialism – Understanding the End. Actually belief in a millennial reign of Christ following His return to earth in effect, premillennialism was the belief of most church fathers from Papias A.


Without writing a novel, this book has really shaken my confidence in the premillennial position. To order from Monergism. I was always concerned that these other views I don’t often write reviews but I thought this book worthy of a few comments. To order from Amazon. Like myself, Riddlebarger was raised dispensationalist, and converted to an amillennial viewpoint much later in life.

A Case for Amillennialism: Understanding the End Times – DTS Voice

Best book i know of out there that gives the case for amillenialism. A Commentary on the Belgic Confession. David Lowery Gordon H. Outline of Geerhardus Vos’ Biblical Theology. Johnston, and Darrell L. First, he outlines the terms, introduced the “players” the theological viewpoints of the millenium and talks hermeneutical systems. He also does a good job of summarizing opposing views and what their hypothetical rebuttals would This work by Dr.

The earth isn’t near as full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea, but anyone who hasn’t seen the kingdom grow–recently in the southern hemisphere even as it declines in the north and west–isn’t paying attention. These things did come upon this specific generation. Books for Those New to the Reformed Faith. Most of the time the author speaks over my head and I can’t get slowly introduced into the topic and discussion in order to correctly follow the teaching and line of reasoning.

This work by Dr. Kim Riddlebarger – Christianbook.

For Revelation 20, he draws from people like Beale and Kline. Although there are some assertions that are not supported in his text, such as amillennialism being the major view of church fathers, it discusses all major points of view respectfully, supports it’s own view with sound appraisal of Scripture, and writes succinctly making it a work of good quality.

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I was a dispensational in my eschatology but in study of the Word I dropped out and was confused as to where I stood.

Sermons Preached at Christ Reformed Church. Classic postmillennialism of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries has been modified at present in light of cae chaotic and war-ravaged state of the world since World War I. This seems to me profoundly backwards. The author presents amillennialixm compelling case for millennialism as adhering to a literal reading of Scriptures allowing the New Testament to interpret the Old Testamenta Christ-centered hermeneutic, and an emphasis on the Kingdom of God in this current age.

View all 5 comments. May 24, Austin Hoffman rated it liked it Shelves: Recommended Reading and Reformed Resources.

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He has a Ph. Riddlebarger’s assertion that the verses about the covenant are referring to Christ and kkim the anti-Christ have given me a lot of food for thought. Jesus has not called us to speculate about his coming. English Choose a language for shopping. Read with an open mind and enjoy God’s revelation to you! I was most interested to see how he explains Daniel’s 70 weeks. To order from Christianbook. Sermons on caze Book of James pdf.

The book is not “light” reading, and is probably most appreciated by those who have studied some eschatology before. Books for Those New to the Reformed Faith. I wish he could have nuanced the diversity fr premillennial views such as the emerging progressive dispensational view more often, but the book would have been far too long for the average reader.

This is probably the best, most riddlebsrger explanation of things I probably will never understand i.