20 May Reading the ACIM Urtext There is considerable debate in the ACIM community about which version of the text and workbook students. 13 Jan The Urtext Manuscripts predate all other editions of the . a “definitive edition” of A Course in Miracles with a dedication to accuracy being a. Later in that same year, an even earlier version, called the Urtext, also became available on the Internet. Both versions showed that the Course as we knew it.

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They would go off on a tangent. While I am grateful to have found the FIP version and have a couple of copies of it along with the entire combined volume on my iPod, compared to the HLC version, the FIP version feels over edited and cold and clinical in comparison.

Sure, we may be able to look at the over all message and say this, but the claim that only some of the more personal information is removed and some chapter titles and sections put in as the changes that were made is completely inaccurate.

Perhaps, Laurie, but we are not without a Guide who knows both illusion and truth.

Bill was very taken by Cayce and read a great deal of him. During the early weeks of the scribing, Helen was quite nervous about what was happening. We were assured by Library officials that this would never happen again, but of course that was of no help in our situation. A Course in Miracles is a unique and complete non-dualistic thought system.

And this passage was taken from the larger text in the following link, which is much more detailed: They must, however, be willing to overlook controversy, recognizing that it is a defense against truth in aclm form of a delaying maneuver.

The Course began with: What helps you get there, helps you get there. The body image is the self-concept which was made to take the place of Spirit, and that is why it is magic to engage in any form of body image activity at all.


Why did Wapnick step in and edit urext Healed perception or the forgiven world shows the sameness of all perception, reflecting the wholeness of the Christ Idea. This “stranger” said to her, “Don’t do anything with this yet.

The Urtext and the Early Chapter of the Text of A Course in Miracles

Indeed, if there is an appropriate attitude that should be held and expressed toward FIP it is one of gratitude. If I chose to, I’m sure I could have gone to the Conference, worked hard to enroll enough people so I would be allowed to speak to the entire group as usual, and communicated whatever I felt Guided to at the time. He thought it looked better. Tony is entitled to his opinion, I strongly disagree with that opinion, and the purpose of this message is to point out why.

The word “ur” comes from the biblical story of Abraham, who was born in Ur of the Chaldees.

ACIM Urtext

Again, as I just mentioned, interspersed with the actual teaching was a great deal xcim personal material that Jesus was giving to help Helen accept what was happening, to help her relationship with Bill. Thank you so much for your attention here — your long and thoughtful and erudite comments are a real blessing on this blog an I am thankful for that. You know what I mean?

So nothing was ever done about it. And I also think that her discomfort was connected with her experience of her relationship with Jesus — the closeness of it — a relationship that was impossible for her to ignore at this point, since she was basically hearing his voice all the time now. Some of the Miracles Urtext is confusing — or a little too intimate.

This pertains largely to the first four to five chapters. Consequently, there was material on Freud and some on Jung, Rank, and other neo-Freudians. Helen then retyped the manuscript of the text twice.

I am glad that the audio recordings, videos, and FB posts have been helpful. When we finally did the editing, when I saw it, I think there were fifty-three principles. So when we speak of an urtext, we mean the first version of a manuscript. I am not denying the differences — nor denying that some of them feel significant and can be quite helpful.


Even in our sleep there is cause for hope, and a means by which to move from sleep to wakefulness. That is the version Helen and I edited into the finished copy — the published copy. The Cayce material, for those of you who do not know it, contains some rather brilliant teachings, but written in a very archaic, awkward style.

Like eating, sex is one use of the body that few of us want to compromise or surrender. Thus, there are famous urtexts of Shakespeare’s works and many other literary masters. Yet, this is not accurate. That is completely false.

The ideas don’t flow nicely one from the other, as one finds later, but the ideas and statements here are incredible in terms of containing the entirety of the thought system of the Courseeven if it is not necessarily expressed nicely, and at times even obtusely. She used shorthand — her own particular version that combined various well-known methods with her own variations.

The miracle is a certain kind of forgiveness that comes from a place of cause and not effect. Whatever channel Helen was using to be in contact with Jesus, it was a bit clogged up. One could never imagine Jesus saying, for example, what is in the Urtext on sex—not that it was anything horrific, but it obviously reflected Helen’s own values and biases.

Some of the material that is now in Chapter 1, in the sections after the first fifty principles, was originally part of the miracle principles themselves — part of the discussion. So that is why there are fifty principles. If you do a comparison with your blue book, you will notice a sudden shift in the paragragh stucture of the lesson. Thank you again for your loving presence in our lives.