Snakehead (Alex Rider Book 7) and millions of other books are available for instant . This item:Snakehead (Alex Rider Adventure) by Anthony Horowitz. year-old Alex finds himself again facing Scorpia, tangled with the Australian Secret Service, and on a personal quest for information about his parents. Having read many books in this fantastic series, it was time for me to read the seventh book, which is called Snakehead. As usual in this.

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Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: This was a nice touch. Can Alex Rider survive the poison of the Snakehead? Ash confesses about being a double agent for SCORPIA following the botched mission mentioned earlier and his involvement in the death of Alex’s parents, before he dies.

Within the hour, they had a task force team set up ready to infiltrate the oil rig that Yu said he’d be. The first book, Stormbreaker, gave me shivers and totaly amazed me.

When he goes over the waterfall he gets trapped under water causing him to let the kayak go. He is an agent for MI6 and had missions throughout the series. But this time he is working with the ASIS or Australian secret service but he can’t wait to meet his godfather but at the end of the book he finds out something devastating something so bad that it could change Alex’s live forever.

Lists with This Book. Once Yu is gone, Alex scans his own fingerprints into Royal Blue and goes into hiding when Major Yu, who heard that there is a boy who escaped from the containers, orders that he be captured. But throughout the antnony, Alex had gone through several hardships and almost died several times snakejead well.

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During this Alex meets up with some old friend from MI6 who tell him that not only are the Snakeheads trying to bring people illegally into Australia but they also stole Alex Rider has anthon himself in Australia working with the ASIS.


Also in Alex Rider. It is a very surprising story line with many unpredictable turnouts. He travels across the world to find out what the dangerous criminal organization Snakehead is up to.

Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz – review

Trigger Mortis Forever and a Day Oct 24, Maya rated it it was amazing. Cooper as “The most original and best spy-kids authors of the century. However the leader of the gang happens with Scorpia, a company of villains who have a bone to pick with Alex. The author tried to make it personal by bringing Ash into the mix but I don’t think that really added anything-Horowitz needs to go in a new direction with Alex. It had lots of mystery and lots of parts that had importance in the end.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The Land of Neverendings. Personal Response I really enjoyed this novel. H aving read many books in this fantastic series, it was time for me to read the seventh book, which is called Snakehead.

Overall Snakehead written by Anthony Horowitz was an amazing read and I recommend this book to everyone.

Alex is sent to a hospital in the Australian rainforest where he is to be used as a donor for illegal organ transplants. The title comes from the name given to Asian gangs involved in people smuggling illegal passports, visas, weapons, and more. The seventh installment of Anthony Horowitz’s, Alex Rider series, Snakehead was an amazing book to read and had me wanting to read more and more. Maybe one day someone will write a book about me. Still, snakehwad story terrified me.

Snakehead (novel)

They recruit him to help stop a illegal immigrant plot ran by a organization named the Snakeheads. Ethan Brookehead of ASIS Australian Secret Intelligence Service coerces Alex into helping horwitz about by pairing him with agent Ashwho was his godfather and once his father ‘s best friends, to investigate the snakehead ring.


Snakehead is a very exciting and entertaining book to read, as are the rest of Alex Rider’s adventures.

This book in particular is a very good example of the series as a whole, it showcases all of the good things about his series so far, like action, backstories, and a little bit of horowltz with it. It is very interesting and snakehear definitely grab your attention, you won’t get bored with this great book. But if you want to find out more read Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz. A special task force is sent to the location of the bomb detonation an offshore oil anthoby in the ocean. As Yu was about to kill Alex, an explosion knocked him off balance and he dropped the gun.

Children and teenagers Children’s books: However, the two of them are separated and put into separate containers. Ash and Alex were taken to a shipment yard, where again Alex was taken away from Ash and stowed away in a shipment container.

I learned that, being a spy is not easy to gain because you have to require heaps of stuff and get out of dangerous situations. Soon, they went to an airport and they were on their way to Indonesia. It was full of action and suspense, and I was horowittz bored reading it.

Preview — Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz.

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