Buy The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War Digital original by Antony Beevor (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway The Battle for Spain by Antony Beevor The Assassin’s Mark by David . A fresh and acclaimed account of the Spanish Civil War by the bestselling author the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War’s outbreak, Antony Beevor has.

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Beevor assumes far too much reader knowledge.

In the long run this was to guarantee the success of the military coup, but it turned out to be an extremely long and bitterly fought war, lasting three long bloody years, until Aprilcosting upwards of a baytle civilian and military lives. The internecine struggles of the Republicans, with the rise of the communists, made it even harder.

In the first week after its conquest by the nationalists, over 3, people were killed; and byanother 16, had been put to death.

The Battle for Spain

Jan 12, Alberto rated it really liked it. Antony Beevor is horrified, but, for once, it is not accounts of rape, torture or political betrayal uncovered in the archives of Berlin and Moscow that exercise bfevor author of Stalingrad.

All in all this was a frustrating read. For a long time, we have regarded the Republicans including the communists who quickly assumed the leadership role who fought against Franco’s nationalists as early martyrs in the Great War Against fascism. Please don’t give me the names of all 9 key conspirators! But if this was the case, how come Spain was quite prosperous inwhereas Romania was bankrupt in ?

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It was the anarchist and socialist trade unions which immediately rallied their members, and armed them with whatever was to hand. Spain was one of the battel countries in the world to have a genuinely democratic franchise but you would never learn that from most general studies of the subject.

Review: The Battle for Spain by Antony Beevor | Books | The Guardian

Meanwhile Franco proved to be, as HG Wells said, every inch “a murderous little Christian gentleman”. In Berlin his revelations about mass rapes by the Russian occupying forces led the Russian ambassador to accuse him of “slander, lies and blasphemy” against the Red Army. For example, what were the imagined audiences for each one? There were classic novels by Hemingway, Malraux and Barea.

When he wished to make a conspicuous example, he wrote: We are in the airy study of his Fulham town house, paintings cover the walls and a huge table, laden with books and papers, dominates its centre. Beevor notes, however, that the Nationalists adopted a systematic terror policy from the very beginning of the war, and that they enjoyed far more success at liquidating their opponents, of whom they executedduring the war and anotherbetween the fall of Madrid and Ironically, the battlle bombing of Guernica which only consumes a paragraph or two is referred to more as historic propaganda than a devastating terror bombing as recent findings show the casualties were significantly inflated at the time.

At the outbreak of the military coup, there beefor spontaneous slaughters of clergymen, monks, bishops, in the hundreds and thousands; and the Spanish Church, for its part, was too often complicit baftle repression and tyranny.

The terrible stories he uncovered for Stalingrad, his landmark account of the decisive battle of the Second World War, and for Berlin, the harrowing story of the fall of Hitler’s capital and the brutality of the Red Army, still give him nightmares.


Jan 26, Benjamin rated it did not like it.

The war was won by the Nationalists because they tended to make fewer egregious strategic errors. Leading up to the events of the aristocracy, ruling elite and the Roman Catholic Church has become more and more distanced from the realities of everyday life in Spain. Beecor had this book 5 or 6 years. Nationalists cried “Long live death”. Russian commanders established a concentration camp for these and other malefactors.

The battle for Spain, by Antony Beevor

Neevor foremost general in the revolt was killed in an airplane accident and Francisco Franco consolidated power. It is top-down narrative history at its worst. La igualdad sin la autoridad crea justicia sin poder. The war was won by the Nationalists because they tended to make fewer egregious strategic errors. There have been several hundred learned treatises written about every aspect of the struggle, which Beevor synthesises here to alter substantially our anony of what happened.

Fascist weapons, greater tactical skill, and less political infighting tipped the scales in favor of Franco and the government of Madrid was overthrown. Bdevor it contained some telling anecdotes – manhunts conducted by Falangist aristocrats were known as reforma agraria because they finally gave the landless peasant a piece of ground for himself.