Arquillian combines a unit testing framework (JUnit or TestNG), ShrinkWrap, and . For this tutorial, we’ll use JBoss AS 6 (currently at Milestone 2), for which we. Arquillian is a platform that simplifies integration testing for Java middleware. Define value for property artifactId:: arquillian-tutorial. Arquillian is a testing platform for JavaEE applications. This tutorial creates an Arquillian test and executes it on the Wildfly container.

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Debug the Test This is going to be a short chapter. Here is an example that replicates the behavior of the EnterpriseJavaBean class. We can be certain CDI is working if all that comes together. This guide will navigate you to your first green bar using a sample Maven project.

Forge also makes the project folder your current directory within the Forge shell. Testing needs vary greatly, which is why it’s so vital that, with Arquillian and ShrinkWrapwe have decomposed the problem into its essential elements. You’ll have to complete those steps for any test class you are debugging, though you only have to do it once the debug arquiloian hangs around indefinitely.

You should put your Java source files in this package rather than at the root of the java folder. On Windows, you will need to right-click on Control Panel, then click System Properties, open the Advanced tab, then click Environment Variables and add these two entries visually.

Tutorial – Arquillian makes testing a breeze

At this step, your Arquillian Containers dialog should look something like this:. Granted, in this trivial case, we could simply instantiate the implementation class in a unit arqulilian to test the calculations.

After the Arquillian test runner packages the test archive, arquilliah deploys it to the container. We need to instruct Maven which versions of the artifacts to use. Essentially, you creating a micro application in which to tutorila the code under test.

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Begin by launching Eclipse. JavaArchive ; import org. Keep in mind that the test is not executing the same JVM as the test runner. Make sure you have the correct APIs available for your test. That’s what we mean when we say using Arquillian is no more complicated than basic unit testing.

Because these classes are POJOs, we tuforial easily incorporate them into unit tests. This way, you only have to maintain the version in one place and can reference it using the Maven variable syntax everywhere else in your build file.

Manual configuration To set the aequillian profile manually, follow these steps: Installing Forge is a relatively short process, and this guide will take you through the fundamentals. You can get the source code to this project from GitHub.

Run the Arquillian Test Once you add all the necessary Arquillian libraries to the classpath, you can run an Arquillian test just like a unit test, whether you are running it from the IDE, the build script or any other test plugin.

Click OK and accept the project changes. The name tutoriql the test class and the method to be executed are specified in the request query parameters named className and methodName, respectively.

To run the test on a standalone instance of JBoss AS, you first need to set it up.

Arquillian tutorial

You would setup a similar profile for each Arquillian-supported container in which you want your tests executed. Respond to the prompts by entering the value shown after each double colon in the pane below.

If you plan to use TestNGthen add these two test-scoped dependencies instead:.


Unlike a normal unit test, Arquillian does not simply dip into the entire classpath. Now back to the test. Open up the pom. The first profile is named arq-jbossas-managed ; it will start a new JBoss AS instance and execute the test, shutting it down when done: With the strategy defined above, where the test case is executed in the container, you should get the sense of the freedom you have to test a broad range of situations that may have seemed unattainable when you only had the primitive unit testing environment.

TestRunner generates a test suite dynamically from the test class and method name and runs the suite now within the context of the container. Attaching the IDE debugger to the container 7. Activate the default Arquillian profile as in the following example:. The message printed to System. In the Arquillian Containers dialog, click and select Manual container configuration.

In the project root folder, create the folder test-resources.

Getting Started · Arquillian Guides

However, we first need to add a container tutoriial to the classpath. But let’s not forget that in order to isolate the business logic in Java EE components from infrastructure services transactions, security, etcmany of those services were pushed into declarative programming constructs.

The following examples demonstrate the use of Arquillian. There are two ways to activate a Maven profile in Eclipse assuming you are using the Maven Integration for Eclipse:. Setting up and running the test in Eclipse 3. You should see an XML file containing basic project information, a build section and a ttorial section.