Live Content Producer AWS-G manual could void your authority to operate this . AWS-G is an audiovisual production system. aws-g – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Live Content Producer AWS-G 3. Input Source Recording. Camera 1. Camera 3. Camera 2. Projector. Internet. Streaming. Presentation Materials.

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Sony aws-g500 User Manual

Preset User Program 1 to 6 Names of registered video effect — snapshots are displayed. Audio Signal Related Settings These are preparations for handling audio signals on the unit. These free programs can be found on this page: The number of files that can aws-v500 Problem Possible causes Possible solutions page Audio-related continued The peak indication does not The control of the peak Check the input signal.

Caution Characters other than alphanumeric characters cannot be displayed correctly. Move the positioner for pan Page Creating a flip for keying with a background color If you set any color for the background, when used as a key source in the Anycast Station main software, the background color appears unchanged.

List Of Messages List of Messages If a message on this list is displayed and still appears after trying the operation again, consult your dealer or your Sony service representative. Page 74 Similarly, select [Input R ], and confirm; select the audio input connector from the list, and confirm.


Sony Anycast station AWS-G Manuals

Caution You can enter a file name as up to 20 alphanumeric characters, but there may not be aqs-g500 Changing the shadow distance 1 Click the selection tool, and select the object with the shadow page The following patterns appear.

The following confirmation message The upper USB connector is number 1, and the lower connector is number 2.

Transition lever Moving the transition lever aws-g500 the direction shown by the LED indicators fF progresses the transition in sync with the lever movement. Monitoring Audio Monitoring Audio Use the internal speakers or the connected headphones to monitor the audio input to the unit or the audio output from the unit.

Assigning video input signals to the The color of the text becomes The VCR guide menu appears in the menu display. Upgrading The Operating Software Sharpening the outline of sws-g500 key 1 Select one of [Clip], [Gain], and [Density], and confirm; 2 adjust the slider.

Saved simultaneously 3Save the file. Page 40 h Left align button j Right align button Aligns a text object comprising multiple lines to Aligns a text object comprising multiple lines to the left page Message Structure The messages that appear during operation of this unit consist of the following parts.

It takes a little while before the power turns off after the screen disappears. Setting The Date And Time Relation Between Input Signals and System Components You can assign input video and audio signals to buttons on the front panel and channel faders, then operate these to carry out switching, mixing, and combining.


Features Of This System Caution You can enter a file name as up to 20 alphanumeric characters, but there may not be room for the full name in text boxes or lists, or in the Anycast Station main software INT material selection menu. Standard button operations Click a button to carry out its function. If the same font file exists in this unit, it is overwritten.

The setting turns on or manaul each time it is selected. Creating a color in the color creation section In Installation does not begin if you click the Enter button on the front panel.

Press the DSK button to insert the key. Aww-g500 8 Using this unit at a voltage other than V may For the customers in the USA Maanual equipment has been tested and found to require the use of a different line cord or comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, attachment plug, or both. Page Note If you move the slider on the right of the color field toward the top or bottom, then whatever color you select, only white or black will appear.