Bachitar Natak is written by Guru Gobind Singh ji. It contains the life of Guru Gobind Singh ji. The very first part of Bachitar Natak is about the praises of. BACHITRA NATAK. Dr. Jodh Singh. Head, Encyclopedia of Sikhsim. Punjabi University, Patiala. BACHITRA NATAK (bachitra = marvellous, wondrous + natak . Bachittar Natak. Artist: Giani Bhai Mehtab Singh. Album: Das Granthi. Das Granthi. Audio Player. Download File. Your browser does not support the audio player.

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The second and third, under strong commanders Hussain and Jujhar Singh, were distracted by other hill chiefs and ended in the death of these commanders.

This composition is thought to have occurred just prior to the founding of the Khalsa order by the Guru. Consequently, Bachitra Natak is largely a series of vivid battle scenes created with forceful imagination. If no then why does the same not apply to Sikhs?

However, the literary piece entitled the Bachittar Natak that features in the Dasam Granth is purely an autobiographical piece which highlights incidents related to Guru Gobind Singh Ji. I feel Your presence around me and at every step.

The next book in the Dasam Granth is Chandi Charitra. He defeated Fateh Shah, and his allies at Bhangani. Men thus immersed in the world are eventually chastised by God as is illustrated in Guru Nanak’s treatment of Babar’s invasion of India. Cantos 7 to 13 treat of the poet’s life as Gobind Rai, name by which Guru Gobind Singh was earlier known.


Nonetheless Hindus should very well familiarize themselves with Sikh way of life before making such derogatory and barbaric comments. Guru Gobind Singh ends the story in canto 14 reaffirming his faith in God’s cosmic play.

Does this mean Sikhs are Hindus? In fact the aim of writing this piece was to delineate the courage, the strength and the might of Guru Gobind Singh Ji against the backdrop of a world stage.

Sikh literature Indian literature Dasam Granth. Historical Sources – Memorials – Anti Dasam.

Bachitar Natak

This argument does not hold any ground when we evaluate it with some rationality. The Bachitra Natak opens with an invocation to Bhagauti, i. Kavi Gawaal is short of words to praise My Lord! No wonder, he always wins.

Both were married to princess of Punjab. The poet then says that he would narrate his own story.

Bachittar Natak

The chapters are numbered at the beginning, but the title of each chapter is given at the conclusion, following the traditional Indian convention. It continues up to AD It starts with a praise of the Akal Purukh. Then, how despite his desire to stay absorbed in harmony at His feet, he was told by the Almighty to take birth in the Kali age to show the world the path of truth, to rid it of superstition, hatak to teach it to worship God alone.

Join us on Facebook and keep yourself updated with the contents of this website. It is only foolish and stupidities on their part to first claim Sikhi as part of Hinduism and then not follow and adopt it. Apparently, owing to the hostility of the neighbouring hill rajas, he moved to Paonta where he lived happily for some time.


The Guru has outlined the circumstance and history of the time and how great courage and strength was required to overcome the many hurdles that were upon the community.

They are stone idol worshippers, I break idols and I worship one Lord. He laid down his vachittar but not his creed. Is the RSS really willing to call someone Guru Ji in this case a Hindu who openly rejected Hinduism on all grounds and formed a new community with belief system that was entirely opposed to Hinduism? In the second canto the poet says that limitless is the Divine Reality, fathomless its deeds.

Bachittar Natak : A Wonderous Drama – Dr Jodh Singh

It gives the author’s own biography and talks about the battle of Nadaun, the Bachittsr battle, and the arrival of prince Muazzam in Punjab. Joomla components by Compojoom.

One gets salvation in this World and beyond. Guru Gobind Singh conceived God as the embodiment of the fighting spirit. A person is never born as a Sikh. This text is written in early Braj bhasha with some Apabhramsha influence.

The Guru has outlined the circumstances and history of the time and how great courage and strength was required to overcome the many hurdles that were upon the community.