1 Aug Boenninghausen’s therapeutic pocket book[btpb]. 1. Presented By: Dr. Vandana. B. E PG, Dept. of Repertory (Part 1 Guided By: Dr. Rita. The Bönninghausen Repertory: Therapeutic Pocket Book Method Edited by George Dimitriadis Hahnemann Institute: Sydney, Australia, , hardback, . 13 Aug Includes index. Bradford, T.L. Homoeopathic bib. of the U.S.. Microfilm National Center for Homeopathy; NLM print copy 1, bookplate and stamp.

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This is equally incumbent upon him, whether he is engaged in the conduct of a proving where a disease is artificially engendered, the study of an epidemic, studies in the natural history of a single disease, or in the treatment of an individual patient. Experience teaches boennknghausen this analogy is extremely important in the selection of the remedy.

Boenninghausens Therapeutic Pocket Book

At this time the white blood count was 19, The result of 13 years of work and myriad revisions by one of the most brilliant homeopaths of all time, the original Therapeutic Pocketbook was constructed from the provings contained in Samuel Hahnemann’s Materia Medica Pura and Chronic Diseases. In hterapeutic to getting the complete repertory with the invaluable endnotes, you also receive the prologue and other important introductory texts.

Or when we have worked out a chronic case, and all possible benefit has been secured from the remedy selected as the simillimumwe sometimes have occasion to consider a related group of remedies that will carry the patient to a complete cure. Again we may ask: For a limited time, we are offering the TBR2 at a very special discounted price. Now we pass to a consideration of the translation of rubrics. When all the therapetuic of a case have been gathered, and the totality has been found, we have all that can be known of the disease.


It has led to the arbitrary grouping of symptoms and the erection of so-called typical forms to which names have been assigned, as if they were real entities.

We thwrapeutic also place in this group those already mentioned for consideration in the group of aggravations:. His health continued to decline until the spring ofwhen all hope of his recovery was given up. She always wants warm clothing, and there is no sweating. We may use here the illustration of the concentric circles of similarity, as suggested by Joslin. The symptoms covering complaints are such as: It is the business of the physician accurately to observe, faithfully record, and scientifically classify the phenomena of disease for the purpose of discovering and applying the curative remedy.

The family attested to the fact that this man showed marked irritability during the attacks. This holds true in studying the relationships of remedies in their relation to the case just as much as it does in the first selection of the remedy.

Double click on above image to view full picture. After this follow, in descending order, in simple Italics, Ars. It is only just to give Allen the credit for the work he did, and if he had been spared longer it is probable that this work would have been perfected, but it is not always given to an individual to perfect what he has taken boenningbausen be his task.

The rubrics covering the sides of the sexual organs, chest, back, upper and lower extremities, are embodied properly in the proper chapters at the end of the other rubrics.

She had a sensation as of a band about her. The workout is given here:. The characteristic pulling sensation was absent from Ars.

Introduction to the Therapeutic Pocket Book by Dr. Herbert Alfred Roberts and Annie C. Wilson

Repertory of the Antipsoric Medicines, with a preface by Hahnemann. The greatest limitation in the use of any repertory is lack of comprehension in the one who attempts to use it.


Sweat with associated symptoms, page By a wider application of the principle he gathers all the affected localities, all the sensations and all the conditions, each in its proper placeand thus erects the totality, which at the same time reveals both the remedy and the disease.

Scabies suppressed with mercury and sulphur, page The patient, a woman 65 years of age, complained of a pain which began as a soreness in the epigastrium and right hypochondrium, increasing to a sore pain. These ought to be considered exclusively and even in contradiction to the symptoms of the paroxysms, until a drug shall have been discovered, in the course of our provings upon healthy men, which shall correspond to both these orders of symptoms.

Momentary loss of sight as from fainting, etc.

The Bonninghausen Repertory: Therapeutic Pocket Book Method

Further evidence that identifying symptoms had become a stupendous task, even to Hahnemann, is the fact that he himself compiled a short repertory of some of the leading symptoms ; boennninghausen was printed in Latin.

The word P u l s, in spaced Italics, occupies the highest, most prominent place.

Conditions of Aggravation or Amelioration of the symptoms: Improvement continued and the whole condition cleared completely within a few days. This case offered comparatively few symptoms, but those few so clearly cut that we find them illustrative of the four necessary bopk which we must have to use as foundations for our perfect case.