De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor has ratings and reviews. Sawsan said: حين نتحدث عن الحب, نتحدث عن تقلباته ونهاياته الحزينة والموجعة. De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor has ratings and reviews. Edward said: I’ve read five stories so far in this book of short stories a. De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor by Raymond Carver at AbeBooks. – ISBN – ISBN – Editorial Anagrama.

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De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor

They were married for only a few months before Carver died from lung cancer at age fifty. It turns out that Carver’ What We Talk About When We Talk About Love is a short story collection that focuses primarily on working class hardships and strained or failing relationships, known in particular for its precise prose and spare dialogue.

I first heard about Raymond Carver about two years ago during my writing study. Short stories that are celebrations for next to nothing. Best short story in this collection and why? So many 5 start reviews and I read them, hoping that it will help me see what I missed in this book.

In which a woman named Nancy wakes on the night of a full moon at the sound of her backyard gate opening. Hips, thighs and loosened hair celebrating in the dark sensuality of liberty This Word Love. Bleak, depressing and with a multitude of dead ends.

Still, I understand why this is a part of the literary canon, especially the “wannabe-writers-must-read-these-Real-Writers-in-order-to-Truly-Understand-Literature” one. I love Carver style in creating and developing each characters– dramatic and complex, or just plainly normal. Constantly struggling to support his wife and family, Carver enrolled in a writing programme under author John Gardner in Fear this day will end on an unhappy note.


Didn’t grip me, had to force myself to finish it hoping for something that’d make reading it worthwhile but, nothing. Mel tries again and again to pinpoint the meaning of love, but his examples never build up to any coherent conclusion.

My opinion of this book can best be summarised in this text based exchange between me and a friend when I was at the halfway point: I had pretty high expectations.

Carver was born into a poverty-stricken family at the tail-end of the Depression. So I was able to get through that.

I bought this book from the book fair simply because the title intrigued me. All I can say is: They merely demonstrate their love for each other by blushing and holding hands, but these actions simply support the mystery of love rather than unmask it. There are a total of 17 in this book and some were really interesting, some left me confused, not sure about what I just read, and some I couldn’t really get into.

In some weird way, I’ll always be at a stranger’s porch dancing in the middle of the night. What remains is this filthy carcass of emotions that some people tag along wherever they go while some bury it in the most unwholesome style in the graveyard of their hearts. All the terrible things that lie in wait in the shadows, while we focus on the light. How does he do it? Okay, we can quibble and refer to this trifecta more aptly as the true plot devices perhaps.

De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor by Raymond Carver (4 star ratings)

My friend Mel McGinnis was talking. What happened to it, is what I’d like to know. Cada uno de ellos me produce sensaciones muy fuertes, sentimientos encontrados, pero a hablanos de cuentas, me han encantado.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Carver writes with meticulous economy, suddenly bringing a life into focus in a similar way to the paintings of Edward Dd. E allora ho fatto un mio ragionamento, ho riletto un paio di racconti e ho formulato un’ipotesi: In most of the stories, Carver did not care to put names to the characters so he just uses “woman”, “man”, “boy” or their pronoun equivalents. Like most short stories, it’s a marvel of efficiency.

I’m guessing what they’re getting at is Carver’s ability to keep all the mechanics of his ds imperceptible beneath the surface, with maybe a few out-of-character exceptions the alcohol device in the title story being one. It is by far the worst short story book I have ever touched.

On the flip sideother authors might take a whole novel to convey half of it. Read it, that is. Let me be clear: What happened to that love? I made it through the whole book and basically just wondered what the hell I had wasted my time on. hablanos

But they all have this vibe that so clearly makes them Carver stories. Not the rhythm of the language. Ah well, in for a penny… Originally published inthe prose is lean and the general mood somewhat disturbing as Carver explores the nature of life and love.