Online MBA

The reputation of the American universities and comprehensive nature of their proposed training programs are equally highly appreciated by both students, and employers. The main benefit of attracting such number of foreign students in the USA is a variety of the offered top online mba programs: from especially scientific to most “creative” (art, film direction).
In the international university ratings, the highest positions are taken by Ivy League universities – eight private universities in the northeast of the USA, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of California, Stanford and some other.

Types of the universities

The students, preparing for entering the university, can be trained at one of institutes of technology or local colleges (community college) of the country. Local colleges offer 2-year programs to give the associate degree for preparing students for training in a bachelor degree.


Institutes of technology also appropriate the associate degrees in such semi-professional specialties as thestomatologic or medical technician. Further, the student can transfer the obtained credits to college or university of online mba rankings for receipt of degree of the bachelor in 2-3 additional years.

The state universities of America are financed by the government, and in each of them more than 20 thousand students are studied. To the foreigners there may be higher introductory requirements, than to the native people; the training cost for them is also higher.


Private universities teach the smaller students number, and tuition fee is slightly higher here, than in state universities. Universities of this type are financed by funds or by the students themselves.

The academic culture

It is oriented to initiative students, their participation in cool discussions and expression of own opinion. Thus, activity of students and attendance of lectures are very significant and are always noted by teachers.
The American teachers usually offer students of a task and a training material for preparation for the following occupation, and give test tasks without the prevention. Such tasks are oriented to check of the current student’s knowledge, unlike examinations in the middle or at the end of a semester.

The instruction for entering the American university

1. The preparation
Considering unique academic system and strict immigration orders of the USA, students should begin preparation for entering the local higher education institutions before at least 2 years prior to the expected beginning of best online mba studies.
You have to be begun with the choice of the program, interested for you. You can always study the detailed list of available rates according to the brochures of universities available on their websites.
Most universities offer courses vary from year to year, and student enrollment for a particular course sometimes confirmed at the semester beginning. Therefore, students are always suggested to have reserve options on a refusal case of entering.


2. The period of submission of documents and deadlines
In order to start the bachelor studying in American mba meaning university in the fall semester, the application for entering must be submitted at the end of winter – early spring of the same year, more often – in January. Thus, all the necessary documents and the results of language testing should be prepared by student by that time.
In most cases, students receive the decision about entering the course in March-April. You need to know that some educational institutions accept requests of foreign students before one year prior to the expected beginning of training.
The period of submission of requests to enter the Master Program depends on the specific educational institution, the chosen course and specialty. The period of the giving of documents is also various for state and private institutions.
After the submitting of application for entering, some students are included in the so-called “list of expectation”. It means that the chosen course is filled, and the matriculant will be enlisted only in case ofafree seat there.


3. How to apply?
The most of the universities accept student’s requests in an online format. For submission of such request, you should be registered on a special portal of university, to fill the offered form and to send all documents in electronic form. Further, on the same portal the student can trace the status of the request and process of its consideration.
There is also centralized the system, where 475 universities are connected to mba online. Nevertheless, some of the higher educational institutions, using this service, recommend to students also sending the documents directly to the institution.

The documents, necessary for entering the universities

The standard package of documents looks so:

  1. The passport copy and other documents, confirming the student’s personality.
  2. The diplomas, confirming the already available education.
  3. The translated and certified transcript of the certificate of school or the available credits.
  4. The letters of recommendation from teachers of school or higher educational institution.
  5. The confirmation about availability of financial resources for residence in the USA during study.
  6. The certificate of passing the language examination.

For enter the university, the student needs also to write the motivational essay, explaining why he wants to study in this American higher education institution. The motivational essay plays a great role in case of decision about further student’s destiny. The matriculant also must answer a number of questions in the writing form.
The student’s documents should contain information about his achievements, academic and work experience, reflecting the enthusiasm of the student and his pursuit of new knowledge. Motivational essay should be written clearly, but not aggressively, and to explain why the selected university will help students to achieve their academic goals. American academic language is characterized by directness and simplicity, so students do not have to hesitate to write openly about why he should enroll in a course.