The biomedical education in the USA

The USA is the world center of development of science and technologies. Many students in America prefer to get the higher education of biology and biomedicine. University degree, traditionally, opens the excellent opportunities for employment before the graduates-biologists, receipt of a high salary and introduction of own contribution to global development of the science online mba programs, supporting life and health of humankind.

The biological specialties in the USA

The biology studies the living beings and their interaction with environment. This science includes a set of professional areas:

  • botany and the zoology;
  • food industry;
  • ecology;
  • bionics;
  • biophysics;
  • biochemistry;
  • genetics;
  • bioengineering, etc.

However, a special value today is purchased by the biomedicine that is on a joint of two sciences.


Without specialists of biomedicine, the timely diagnosis of diseases and development of innovative methods of treatment would not be possible. The professional field of biomedicine actively develops and opens many opportunities for specialists – from work in laboratories and works of the consultant to the conduct researches, teaching and management.
Depending on the interests and career plans, in America biophysicians can work in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, universities and the research organizations, private and state hospitals, welfare institutions, scientific and technical consultations, schools, colleges, scientific centers and the museums.

Why it is worth working in biomedicine?

A number of benefits of work in this sphere causes popularity of training programs of biology and biomedicine among students:

  1. The biomedicine is one of the most progressive and quickly developing fields of science.
  2. Qualified specialists receive a high salary.
  3. The biomedicine is the industry, necessary to all mankind. Helping people to be healthy, biophysicians feel the moral satisfaction from the done work and its importance.
  4. The profession assumes the different types of activities and a way of creation of career.
  5. The biomedicine opens many opportunities for professional development, receipt of new knowledge and carrying out innovative experiments before graduates.

Studying of biomedicine in the USA

About 4,000 educational institutions of America offer mba programs in the field of biology and medicine today. Thus, each student can find a suitable training course in this country. Besides, the American education in the sphere of science and technologies, really, is considered as prestigious. More than 70% of the most influential and glorified biologists and scientists are the biophysicians of the world who graduates of American universities.

It assumes studying of such disciplines as:

  • diagnostics and treatment of diseases;
  • laboratory work;
  • health care;
  • biology;
  • anatomy;
  • physiology;
  • microbiology;
  • genetics;
  • immunology;
  • biochemistry, etc.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, students of the majority of programs also purchase thepractical skills of work in vitro.

The medical education in America

  • In a rating of the best education programs of the USA Columbia mba in the areas of biomedicine, the first place is won by Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. The biology and biomedicine is taught based on directly several colleges here, and this university in 2010 was included into the list of the best educational institutions, offering the education in the biomedicine sphere.
  • The second place is taken by the Southwestern Medical Center, University of Texas at Dallas. It enters in Top-20 of the educational institutions, such as Harvard mba, offering the programs in biology.
  • The University of Washington in Seattle takes the third place. There is the studying of biomedicine that is offered based on the Department of biology; the education here is also famous for the research activities.

The best medical schools of the world

How to apply for the executive mba program on the biomedicine? To begin training of the biological sciences and biomedicine, the foreigner needs to give a standard packet of documents to the university:

  1. The filled university form for entering (usually in an online format).
  2. The certificate of SAT or ACT.
  3. The certificate of SAT Subject Test.
  4. The certificate of TOEFL (at least 100 points, according to the online test, or 600 points, according to the regular test) or IELTS (at least 7 points).
  5. The school certificate.
  6. A transcript of the estimates and objects, studied for the last 3 classes of school.
  7. The letters of recommendation
  8. The motivational essay

Some universities also accept other certificates, for example, of IB or A-level.

All documents shall be constituted in English and are submitted to necessary terms. In some cases, it is also can be passed the additional examinations or these or those papers have to be collected. The exact list of documents needs to be specified in the specific educational institution.
Introductory tests: GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT

The employment in the USA

The biomedical specialists who have graduated at the universities of the USA can easily get a job in America. The majority of them, even during the training, begin to specialize in one specific discipline of biomedicine:

  • medical microbiology;
  • clinical chemistry;
  • blood transfusion;
  • hematology;
  • histology;
  • cytology;
  • virology or immunology.

The salary of the biomedical engineers in the USA is various, depending on staff and the employer. Most of biophysicians receive $44,389 – $97,462 a year, the average salary about the country constitutes $62,666 a year. The specialists, leading the medical projects and conducting clinical trials, receive the highest salaries in the biomedicine.
In America 72% working people in the biomedicine field are men, working experience of a half of them constitutes less than 10 years. Nevertheless, the amount of women in this profession increases every year.


The American employers note, that for acceptance on a good line item in the biomedicine, it is necessary to have the higher education and experience of practical work. In addition, skills of work in laboratories, ability to work accurately and patiently, readiness to perform work on the instruction, according to accepted standards and with observance of the established periods are important for the young specialist.