مصحف التجويد الملون برواية حفص عن عاصم – Coran avec les règles de tajwid en couleur – Hafs · Muwatta Imam Muhammad in Urdu · Surah Yaseen with Tajweed . Coran moulawane (avec Tajwid). Quran Arabic. Quran Sharif Arabic Urdu Script. Noorani-Quaidaa. Tirmizijina zbirka hadisa – Knjiga 2. Tajweed Rules. 10 Sep CORAN MOULAWANE DOWNLOAD – 27 Dec coran mp3 downloader is the best app ever have all auran in just one click abdeland abdul.

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Jazakallahukhair to all of you! Jul 20, by waheed Murad. I am not sure how these settings will work but I will give the system a try coran moulawane the coming coran moulawane and adjust as needed. Hasham ibn Muhammad al-Kalbi Topics: Here is how you can change the time interval.

Then give 2 days break and revise.

LECTURE CORAN AR/FR EN LIGNE. : faouzi : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Masha’allah I have looked at your review schedule that you made through Google Docs, to someone not understanding what’s going on it looks like rocket science! I am so happy to see the Brothers and Sisters Tech-Savy ones too so that we can all come together and discuss. This is a sticky topic. And if you cannot find it then you will have to move away from the revision screen when revising because if coran moulawane ignore time is set to 10 seconds and you take 2 minutes to revise the page, the program will think you did not answer the question correctly and will not schedule it for the future.

My goal is to study again what I’ve memorized, 2 pages a day with 6 pages revision a day. Change the value in the “Ignore Answers longer than” to seconds. This is really annoying because I thought the advantage of using anki would be to get consistent days of revision based on how well I recited the part that needed reviewing.


Anyway I’d love to hear what you think about it Zeeshanparvez or anyone else for that matter.


May 6, coran moulawane Dr. Moulwwane edited by ZeeshanParvez ; Let me know if you have more questions. So anyway I’ll post my settings this weekend inchAllah so I can get your final input before embarking on this journey.

Apr 30, by The Tahir Archive. Divide 3 by 2 and you will get 1. As I start reviewing I’m going to create a card, the front of which will moukawane the “lead in” page aka the page before the page I moulawxne to review and the back of the card will be the “page to be reviewed”.

It’s set to 60 seconds by default. Originally posted by aelmazg View Post. Login or Sign Up. I did find the compete Mushaf in pdf so I ‘ll edit it into pages.


Hema Pant 1 May 10, 2: Thanks for the links provided but I’m not moulasane for the South asian print. Originally posted by nidaelahi View Post. Jul 7, by asal usmanova. Then after 3 days break and revise. However, sometimes you have to do that if you are noticing that you are forgetting when it becomes spaced to long. Today I decided to do a google search corsn “Spaced Repetition Quran” once more after almost a year and this is the thread that I find. Coran moulawane 24, 2: If you want to set up a normal spaced revision schedule the easiest way is to simply take mulawane last interval and divide it by 2 and add it to the previous interval.

I forget to mention this in the original post. Apr 24, by faouzi.


Jul 16, Islamic Schools of Thought: May 27, by Aale Rasool Ahamd. Islamic Schools of Thought: Add a comment no plus ones. I don’t trust anki yet to give it full control over my revision but I’m hoping that it will be possible in the future inshAllah.


So if you plug in the values you will see that the dates it gives is in accordance with the formula. Then after 3 days break and revise. If the program gives random revision dates I can understand why you would choose to calculate the dates yourself.

I have seen that this way the pages are repeated at intervals which allow me to remember them even after a month. Then Click the “General Tab” 6. In fall and Erweiterte Ausgabe Mai I am so happy coran moulawane see the Brothers and Sisters Tech-Savy ones too so that we can moulawanee come together and discuss.

My knowledge moulawxne anki is very limited as I have not used it yet. Islam Aur Nasraniyat Topic: Again change the deck from the Options Group if you have more than one deck and change this “Ignore Answers longer than” option to seconds This should solve the problem.

Maybe Anki uses the time spent reviewing in its algorithm to determine when moulawahe next review will be, but for that it should have a control value which I don’t think is possible. For some reason Ummah.

Open up Anki 2. If you find the above formula to be spacing things to long then you could try this.

The Spaced Repetition Algorithm seemed perfect to review my Hifdh with but when I did the Google Search to see how many others Brothers there were out there who had the idea I did not find anyone with the interest of using the SRA for Quran.

My only question is that I see you are reviewing a whole surah everyday instead of page by page, is this correct? Here is how you can change the time interval.