Dan Fante, who died on on Monday aged 71, was one of the American His subsequent “Bruno Dante” novels – Chump Change, Mooch. When he finds out his father is in a coma, aspiring writer and part-time drunk Bruno Dante, fresh from the nuthouse, must head to Los Angeles for a fraught f. The book follows the exploits of Bruno Dante. In New York his life is a train wreck and is turned into an upheaval when he gets the call from Los Angeles that his.

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Big David was staring at me–ignoring his phone. It isn’t a hangover.

Dan Fante, Confronting His Demons On The Page

Author and Historian Simon Winchester. The owner of Dav-Ko Hollywood made his appearance as I was finishing my second cup of coffee.

And I’m about to get changr.

Now it’s done, and his wife, Agnes–taking time off from her personal-trainer lover–has come to pick Bruno up and to deliver a message from the West Coast: Dav-Ko’s “hip” trademark was a red hankie in the breast pocket of each chauffeur’s suit jacket. We stored them both and a half dozen beat-up airport vans and station wagons behind a gas station and ran the whole deal out of a three-bedroom brownstone apartment on Sixty-fourth Street and Second Avenue. Animal Chup Peter Singer.

Fante, changee son of John Fante and poet Joyce Fante, daan only holds his own but reminds me of Louis Ferdinand Celine in his brutal and honest portrayal of life through his alter ego Bruno Dante. A personal struggle at a trying time.


Chump Change : Dan Fante :

The son of writer John Fantehe grew up in LA before struggling with alcoholism for many years. I could feel my face reddening and I was beginning to experience the onset of two simultaneous physi-cal sensations: He spoke three or fantr Middle Eastern tongues but his combined English syntax and cultural grasp of anything American equaled shit.

I know you’re writing in large engulfing shadows of two giants “You inherited Fanre meanness, that nasty temper. In context, Bruno’s compassion to Rocco father’s dog is touching.

Jan 28, Jakki rated it did not like it. Worse all the time. They are also shot through with tenderness, wit and humanity.

This added to my enjoyment of the book and was also a productive geographical study of the Los Angeles area which allowed me to finally place mentally many of those place-names I had heard over the years, and better recall the memories of my two visits to the area years ago. This partly explains why his prose is so unadorned, so laconic and washed out.

This book is surprisingly moving. Chump Changeopens with Dan leaving a New York City drug and alcohol rehab two days early to rush to his dying father’s bedside in Los Angeles.

Dan Dhump began writing novels when he was forty-two years-old. Through my madness and boozing and the chummp pills I’d kept my promise to myself.

Dan Fante: underground writer expressed madness of the US workplace

As both a novelist and a screenwriter, what are the main similarities between the processes? My mouth formed words but the lips refused the marching orders. You once said “Bukowski wrote the way he did because he had to” and I guess you, too, wrote the way you did because you had to and it’s a good way. I don’t mean to be overly unkind here, but screenwriting is a process quite unlike legitimate prose.

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Open Preview See a Problem?

What I liked best about his father’s work is John Fante’s ability to put you in fantf story and make you feel like you were there. The night life and years with the booze had taken their toll.

The Millions: Chump Change: A Novel (P.S.) by Dan Fante

You can’t believe how incomplete this leaves me feeling. The dialog and other details in this narrative made me think of almost every situation from my own past daj which I’ve had to deal with a stubborn and unrelenting drunk – especially the situations vhump there is a tie or responsibility that does not allow one to just flee.

Kassim began waving his copy of my stats. He’d never been much for telephone chitchat so he came right to the point and wanted to know my work history since I’d been with Dav-Ko.