21 Aug Emmanuel Eni is a crazy Nigerian author who penned a page booklet entitled Delivered from the Powers of Darkness, published by. Delivered from the Powers of Darkness has 43 ratings and 4 reviews. ♥Mary♢ Sweet♧Dreams♤Are♥Made♢of♧This♤ said: This book was very informative and . DELIVERED FROM THE POWERS OF DARAKNESS (by Emmanuel ENI) -God , translating me from the power of darkness into the kingdom of His dear Son.

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OPERATION! Proclaim: THE TESTIMONY OF BROTHER EMMANUEL ENI (Former ally and agent of Satan)

She could change into snake, bat, etc. I also saw different designs of electronics, computers and alarms. They are known in the spirit world by the light that shines continuously like a very bright candle in the heart or a circle of light around the head or a wall of fire around them.

At the end of this speech he dismissed the meeting.

Delivered from the Power of Darkness PDF by Emmanual Eni

I was instructed to build a chamber as soon as I return to Nigeria with the following things in it: Follow up for young converts is very important and christians should take this seriously. The crisis is reached when you give over your WILL one way or the other, for good or evil.

When you bind a demon it is bound. He did the same with my hands and put them back, in fact all the places the Queen of the Coast kept powers. The Making of Backslidden Christians As a chairman appointed by Lucifer, I would send these girls to living churches and fellowships. By fashion and emulation. He makes sure that in the different methods, the donor becomes responsible for the death of the victim, by making the donor strike the victim. I traveled with three traders from Aba to Togo for a business trip.


In crusade grounds these girls would be sent to cause disagreements and quarrels. At least I would be saved from all the confusion and would also teach my uncle a lesson he would never forget all his life.

So I decided to shelve giving my testimony to anyone. There was this Pastor – Pastor I. I say it again, hell is real. I was so confused and I needed help.

At that, I started preaching to her.

I assessed the remaining goods and enk that paying N40to the Customs would only increase the loss, so I decided to forego the remaining goods. Do you know your house helps? In the letter I was instructed to stain the letter with my own blood and hte post it back to them through a means they described, not the Post Office.

She had been a stumbling block to us and now that you have come to Lagos we have caught you! This time they were four men. If he accepts to fulfill these conditions, his store would be stocked always with the best and latest materials by us. I took another taxi to Lagos first thing the following morning.

No spirit was removed from me, so I went out the same way as when I came in. Mugerwasteven rated it liked it Aug 26, He establishes healing centers which would appear very religious and through them claim souls. At this juncture, I would like to give a testimony of a Minister. Again the Scriptures clearly declare: But this particular day I saw nothing, so I was doubly sure my mission would be very successful.

I was happy again: On some occasions sister J’s friend would come with many other girls. The vehicle moved smoothly to Port Harcourt. Alice, a very beautiful girl, told me that she was an accountant with the Standard Bank and that tue would make me rich and give me all that I needed in this life and said: Life was full of misery.

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That was to kill him. Indeed, God is Love! The ground opened and the demons created steps immediately.


Lists with This Book. Be content wiyh Bible teachings n beware of these novels? She then slaughtered the child into pieces and poured both the blood and the flesh into a tray and asked me to eat.

He went about with his megaphone and stationed himself at 2 Bus-stop along Akintola Road, Ebute Metta.

Delivered from the Power of Darkness PDF by Emmanual Eni – Christ End Time Ministries

emanuel Mar 17, Shin Caren rated it it was amazing. They function through idols in the practice of idolatry Zachariah And so it was. Her visits became emmaniel, and on each visit delivvered brought gifts to sister J. Causing slumber in church. If I still refuse to come back, she would come to me in August and would either kill me, or disfigure me or make me destitute. I excused myself and left for the flat. Finally she gave me sixteen girls to work as my agents. Love, Margaret, Emmanuel and Chinyere.

He pursued me with his knife but being younger I was too fast for him and fell into a pit of about 1. No wonder when Jesus Christ was on earth He warned man about hell. My lovely and caring mother died.