Keizan Zenji: The Denkōroku or The Record of the Transmission of the Light, Shasta Abbey, Mount Shasta, The Denkoroku: or The Record of the. 6 Nov In the Denkoroku (the Record of Transmitting the Light), Keizan Jokin wrote about Shakyamuni Buddha’s practice after he left his father’s palace. 29 Oct Koan Studies – About the Denkoroku koans to provide comprehensive and factual information about the Denkoroku (E. Transmission of Light).

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To do this you open your mouth and breathe out denkorooku or twice. This is the primary point to bear in mind. Don’t eat anything alive, hard, or spoiled. Wear old clothes but mend any holes and wash off any stain or oil.

This is the essence of zazen. And they had a peaceful, impeccable subtle art, called zazen, which is the state of absorption that is king of all states of concentration. It is the door of luminosity which opens out onto the realization of the Buddha, born through the denkoeoku of the great ease. If you enshrine a statue of a buddha, bodhisattva, or an arhat, no demons can tempt you.

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Zazen is going right into the Ocean of Awareness, manifesting the body of all Buddhas. Training ordinarily means actual practice, but this is not denkoroju spirit of zazen. Matthew Jenkins rated it it was amazing Nov 30, So, putting a stop to all concerns, casting off all attachments, not doing anything at all, the six senses inactive – who is this, whose name has never been known, cannot be considered body, cannot be considered mind?

For the most superior person, zazen is natural behavior embodying enlightenment. Fine clothing instigates greed, and there is also the fear of theft – therefore it is a hindrance to someone on the way. When this happens, sit placing the mind in the lap.

Denkoroku | The Dōgen Institute

Practice is based on genuine application – this is not the spirit of zazen. Itai rated it it was amazing Nov 03, Huayan Tiantai Pure Land Buddhism. Eric rated it it was amazing Dec 23, Do not indulge in attachment to fine food – not only will denkoorku body and mind be uncomfortable, but it means you are still greedy.

The mind of discrimination can never see into the deepest unchanging truth, nor can it understand the Buddhamind.

Loosen your robes but keep them in order. Through the transmission and final teachings of the Venerable Master Prajnatara, Bodhidharma became the founder of Zen in China.

Denkoroku: Record of the Transmission of Luminosity 29

Keep your lips and teeth firmly closed. Don’t put it under the thighs but only from mid-thigh to the base of the spine.


This is how the buddhas and patriarchs have sat. The considerations of life and death, or going and staying, are not to be seen upon the face.

With body and mind at ease, be- haviour harmonious, abandon worldly feelings and don’t cling to feelings of the way. Keizan, the founder of Sojiji wrote this manuscript, while he was staying at Yokoji, a temple in Ishikawa prefecture. Mind-only and Body-only cannot be explained either as different or the same. Nyojo always said that you can obtain your goal for the first time by merely sitting – without burning incense, giving salutation, saying the Nembutsu, practicing austerity, chanting the sutra, or performing various duties.

If you know that it is precious, then you should know that it’s value is not true value itself.

All Buddhas appear in this world to solve its cloud. Although we should not be anxious about bodily life, insufficient clothing, insufficient food, and insufficient sleep are called the three insufficiencies and will cause our practice to suffer.