In the prologue to Gaelen Foley’s latest novel, Devil Takes A Bride, we see a woman flying for her life. Her pursuers are members of a. Read a free sample or buy Devil Takes A Bride by Gaelen Foley. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or. Devil Takes A Bride is the latest installment in the Knight family saga by Gaelen Foley. Characters from the earlier novels play a supporting role in this one.

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He shouldn’t have been grieving for his loss 12 years ago, when he bt Lizzie was in danger now. So Devlin is the dragon lady’s only living relation, he is her nephew and they have a connection made from being each others’ only family after Dev’s was tragically killed in a fire. Given his behavior of years ago, most believe that there is no hope for Lord Strathmore, who is also known as Devil Strathmore due to his dark good looks and gzelen questionable character.

But Lizzie has had her heart broken, and refuses to fall for another nobleman who would reject her love. Lizzie is determined to get over her heart break and boldly declares that she is a on the shelf spinster much to the cringe of renowned match maker, Lady Augusta.

One Night Of Sin She is super sweet and adorably, with big grey eyes and brown hair, and I imagined her as a young Felicity Jones from Northanger Abbey!

These two lonely people found each other and despite their intentions began to care about each other and eventually to love one another. Until reading her book, I don’t think I would have guessed the kind of passionate spirit Lizzie had within her.

It isn’t often authors are risque enough to delve into the minds of their evil antagonists, and certainly not romance authors. I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!! I loved that Lizzie was so ballsy! This book stands on gaelfn own, but if you like it, you will want to read the other four in the series which are equally as thrilling as this one.

Devil Takes a Bride (Knight Miscellany, #5) by Gaelen Foley

I’m being quite gracious and giving this an actual rating of 1. The members of the club practice every form of debauchery imaginable and manage to hide their worst offenses because they happen to rub elbows with the ton and most of them have titles of their own.


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Laura Kinsale 3 Authors: Devil Takes a Bride is the fifth book in the Knight Miscellany series, and all the Knight siblings, their spouses and families put in an appearance, with the exception of the still errant Jack. Devlin Strathmore is 17 when his family perishes from a fire at an inn which kills a total of 47 innocent people.

I don’t know any two characters more perfect for each other. It is a powerful book that is very moving in its realistic depiction of the gamut of human emotions.

She had a high forehead, a prominent nose that thrust forth at a decisive angle, straight and true, and finely shaped eyebrows of walnut brown. I relate to Devol so much, because she is a lot like me, with a just little less fear and a little more spunk. Both Lizzie and Devlin come with baggage from their past, but when they are together, the pain of their pasts doesn’t seem to matter as much. In general I thought Gaelen Foley handled it well, with vivid settings and gripping plotting.

Devil Takes A Bride

But she never felt like she fit in, a feeling I understand too well. I truly hope to see them in Alec’s book which I will definitely read after reading this. Devlin, who previously could barely say the word ‘Love’ is now saying it with so much speed that one wonders how Lizzie didn’t get whiplash. Dev is the perfect blend of proper English gentleman and exotic savage gained from his years of coley around the globe. Devil Takes a Bride was a well-rounded, engaging read that I cannot recommend highly enough, and one which I had an extremely difficult time putting down.

And when I just gave up and reminded myself that this was pure brain candy, I was able to enjoy it.

Devil Takes A Bride – Hampton Public Library – OverDrive

The 3 leaders of the reckless Horse and Chariot Club are as menacing and vile as you could possibly imagine. Outwardly, Devlin appears to be a charming and intelligent ne’er-do-well but beneath all that he harbors a deeply tormented soul and an unquenchable tkes for revenge. As much as I liked Alec Knight in the previous books-I couldn’t help but root against him in this one.

The first time they meet each other, they hate one another, because she thinks he is just a rake bent on continuously piling gambling debts that his aunt’s money xevil pay off. The best in the series to date for me. That’s always a positive for me. He should have exerted more control on the situation at the end having involved himself with the Brlde and Chariot Club for atkes long time coming; he should have locked away Lizzie for her own protection, and killed the perpetrators of the crime which killed his family, in stealth.


They are both with mild temperaments, calm and beneath their facades, just nice people, and I just shipped them so hard. Nothing of the sort. Devlin Kimball, Lord Strathmore, has spent years adventuring on the high seas, struggling to make his peace with the tragedy that claimed the lives of his family. The dying aunt has one ace up her sleeve, H has to marry h to get his fortune.

Lizzie earns all the love and attention she so bg deserves. Gaelne are also shades of gray in the “bad” characters, they aren’t completely evil for the sake of evil, and Quentin, “Damage” Randall, Carstairs, and Sir Torquil “Blood” Staines all exhibit very interesting characterizations for baddies as a result. Where do I even begin? This book took kind of a while to get off.

So hurt and rejected she became determined that she was going to become a spinster and became companion to Viscountess Strathmore whose great-nephew was of course Devil Kimball. Why is availability limited?

I’m really eager to read Alec’s book now just to see how deevil redeems his shallow golden prince act.

I suppose that doesn’t sound like a lot but it felt like too much to me. May 19, Crista rated it it was amazing Shelves: Overall, the romance was heart-felt, the plotting not bad, the settings vivid. She was much like Lizzie in that she was tender-hearted enough to raise a child who wasn’t biologically hers for twelve years, yet spunky enough to take on the bad guys almost single-handedly.

Devil Takes a Bride is quite simply one of the best romance novels I have ever read, with all the elements there to s it great. This is just not one of those novels that can carry it off. A Pennsylvania native, Gaelen holds a Bdide.