The Dhammapada is the most widely read Buddhist scripture in existence. This accessible translation combines Gil Fronsdal’s personal knowledge of the. 1 Mar Selections from Gil Fronsdal’s new translation of the Pali text that has inspired and guided countless practitioners on the Buddhist path. Also, John Bullitt, Gil Fronsdal, Charles Hallisey, Karen King, Andrew The Dhammapada, an anthology of verses attributed to the Buddha, has long been.

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And to do this, we need to know what we are changing it from. I will add this link to the blog, too, so folks can download the files if they want to.

The Dhammapada Chapters https: All experience is preceded by mind, Led by mind, Made by mind. Notify me of new comments via email.

The Dhammapada: A New Translation of the Buddhist Classic with Annotations

You are commenting using your Twitter account. In attempting a literal translation, I am trying to understand early Buddhism in its own terms so I can better evaluate our modern versions of Buddhism. Photo by Patrick Fore.

Welcome to My Other Blogs! For those who are unsteady of mind, Who do not know true Dharma, And whose serenity wavers, Wisdom does not mature.

The gods praise vigilance, Forever rejecting negligence. Knowing this distinction, Vigilant sages rejoice in vigilance, Delighting In the field of the noble ones.


Thanks for stopping by, Steve. Unwise, foolish people Give themselves over to negligence.

The Dhammapada – Audio Dharma by Gil Fronsdal | Metta Refuge

The monastic who delights in vigilance And fears negligence Is incapable of backsliding And is quite close to Nirvana. Death sweeps away The person obsessed With gathering flowers, As a great flood sweeps away a sleeping village.

With vigilance, Indra became the greatest of the gods. You are commenting using your WordPress. Speak or act with a peaceful mind, And happiness follows Like a never-departing shadow.

Search Metta Refuge Search for: I was introduced to this sacred text when my first Zen teacher gave me my first copy. If you are unfamiliar with the Dhammapada, I recommend listening to the opening readings, because Gil gives an introduction to it as well as some historical background. Whoever is defiled And devoid of self-control and truth, Yet wears the saffron robe, Is unworthy of the saffron robe.

At this blog, I celebrate the natural beauty of Berkeley and its local environs—the landscape, dhammapaad climate, the weather, the animals, plants, the geology, and the ecosystem of the Berkeley Hills area. Blog Statsvisits. Those who know the essential to be essential And the inessential as inessential Reach the essential, Living in the field of right intention. The vigilant do not die; The negligent are as if already dead.

Over the years I have read the Dhammapada in a variety of ways, sometimes casually and dhxmmapada with great care. Like a beautiful flower, Brightly colored and with scent, So are well-spoken words Fruitful when carried out.


Vigilance is the path to the Deathless; Negligence the path to death. May these beautiful readings and their wisdom be a help and inspiration to your life and practice! As a bee gathers nectar And moves on without harming The flower, its color, or its fragrance, Just so should a sage walk through a village. Some passages I have reread many times until they revealed new understandings or insights.

Dhammapada: Insight Meditation Center

The scent of virtue Is unsurpassed Even by sandalwood, rosebay, Water lily, and jasmine. This blog is all about the wonders of our natural world gronsdal how science illuminates these wonders. Like a beautiful flower, Brightly colored but lacking scent, So are well-spoken words Fruitless when not carried out.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By non-hate alone does it end. The mind, hard to see, Subtle—alighting where it wishes— The sage protects. Whoever has purged the defilements, Is self-controlled, truthful, And well established in virtue, Is worthy of the saffron robe. In the twenty-five years since receiving that gift, I have dhammapafa and reread the Dhammapada many times.