This translation of Dissoi Logoi is from T.M. Robinson’s Contrasting Arguments: An Edition of the Dissoi Logoi. Arno Press, New York: The original text. The virtues of dissoi logoi. Victor Ferry. Universit√© Libre de Bruxelles, Research Group in Rhetoric and Linguistic Argumentation (GRAL). Follow this and. Dissoi logoi (‘Twofold Arguments’) is the title scholars apply to a short anonymous collection of arguments for and against various theses. The work, in Greek.

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Dissoi Logoi or Dialexeis. Bailey – – In Brad Inwood ed. Dissoi Logoialso called dialexeisis a two-fold argument, which considers each side of an argument in hopes of coming to a deeper truth.

In the writing of tragedies and in painting, who ever deceives the most in creating things similar to the true, this man is the best. Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. Among the Greeks, no one would be willing to enter the same house as a man who had behaved like that. Dating the so-Called Dissoi Logoi: Now really, if anyone had brought an ugly manwould he take him away handsome?

Dissoi logoi

It was first published by Stephanus indissi an appendix to his edition of Diogenes Laertiusand it is found here divided into five chapters. Excavating Dissoi Logoi 4.

And if he knows some man to be true, he knows the same man to be false. They give as witnesses dissol poets who wrote to give pleasure and not for the sake of truth. I shall go on to what is said by those who claim to prove that just and unjust are the same.


One possible way to date the work is its mention of the offspring of Polyclitus, a well known Greek sculptor.

Another interesting reference possibly dating the text is its mention of a victory of Dkssoi over Athens and her allies at section 1. Rosamond Kent Lgoi – – Mind 77 And if shoes are worn out and ripped apart, this is good for the cobbler but bad for everyone else. As previously mentioned, the Dissoi Logoi’s attempt llgoi argue and issue from both sides is reminiscent of Plato’s Protagorasolgoi was presumably written after the Dissoi Logoi.

Retrieved 16 Feb It is almost impossible to say anything about the Dissoi Logoi that goes beyond mere conjecture. Thus the Dissoi Logoi are generally dated to between the 5th and early 4th centuries BC. Again, if trading-vessels are staved in or smashed up, this is bad for the master and owner but good for the shipbuilders. Since if anyone should ask those who say that the same thing is both disgraceful and seemly whether they have ever done anything seemly, they would admit that they have also done something disgraceful, if disgraceful and seemly are really the same thing.

Take the example of parents: This constitutes a total difference And if one were to bring a Persian child here, he would speak Greek.


Dissoi logoi – Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

And some say that the just is one thing and the unjust another, and others that the just and the unjust are the same. Protagoras stated that every argument had two contradicting sides, both of which could be argued. It is intended to help an individual gain a deeper understanding of an issue by forcing them to vissoi it from the angle of their opponent, which may serve either to strengthen their argument or to help the debaters reach logoj.

With a New Edition of Antiphon and of Euthydemus. A Platonic Parallel in the “Dissoi Logoi”. And I shall show in this next example what sort of thing I mean. Retrieved 22 October And death is bad for those who die but good for the undertakers and gravediggers. Scholars look to the text to piece out clues as to its origin, but find that even this is ambiguous at best.

Sign in to annotate. Dissoi Logoi Textos Relativistas. Philosophy Online Publication Date: And, in fact, to steal the belongings of one’s friends and to use force against those one loves most is just.