Dodecahedron Calendar Template – Pentagon FaceJanuary February March Su Mo Tu We Th Fr S. Eventbrite – Margin Walker Presents presents Mode Dodeca @ Mohawk – Friday, December 21, at Mohawk, Austin, TX. Find event and. Saturnalia Music and Arts Fest w/ Ex Romantika (1am), Spindrift (12mid), Lake of Fire (), Afrofreque (), Flower Graves (), Tender Things ().

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Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Comment Your email address will not be published.

Download a 12 sided calendar

Naval Support Activity Naples, Italy. Sigonella Air Station, Ddeca Sicily. I also did this for the [T. Each row in the calendar table has a similar name Comment. Getting the number of the day of the month is a little trickier.

Sure enough, everything looks to be in the proper place and was updated.

This is a great start to the calendar: Formatting the dynamic calendar a bit. DodeCal is a Registered Trademark No.

12 sided calendar

In column G, the row ID values are only three columns to the right. Ankara American Community, Turkey. Callendar example, in the above screenshot, the title of the calendar is just a concatenation of two other cells the month and year.


Outside the box — but inside the grid. The user is going to be able to select a month and year from Dodeca selectors and the calendar will dynamically update. The ACell function is very common, and it gives us a reference to the active cell being evaluated. Moron AB, Seville, Spain. In our first year we shipped over DodeCals to 22 different countries; i t goes without saying we were blown away by the positive response and wonderful comments from happy customers, retailers and press.

Create a workout plan. Our condition string for seeing if comments should be active for a cell.

DodeCalmade from a French sycamore, l aunched in October and sold out 7 days later. Grafenwoehr Military Community, Germany. In Dodeca, commentary is a first class citizen with extensive configuration options. Feel free to interact with the calendar on the right and give it a spin for yourself. Notice that it is called Comment. Additionally, ColL gives us the column letter for a given column, and CCol gives us the numeric value of the current column.


Dynamic Calendar with Comments in Dodeca / jason’s hyperion blog

Michael Thompson South District Superintendent. Designed and manufactured in the UK. Additionally, the unique Row number is 3, which in this case is 4 columns to the right.

Kleine Brogel Air Base, Belgium. When I flip back to DecemberI see that my comments have loaded in as expected. Cleaned up calendar template.

Create a list of your favorite movies — and even make a calendar. I have my selector tokens in column B cells B1 and B2. Please check your school’s calendar for information on additional release days for training, parent teacher conferences, and other activities. Like us on Facebook. Livorno Military Calensar, Italy. Beautifully made, nicely weighted and a joy to hold in the hand; DodeCal is a product made for those who value the fusion of craft, technology and design.

We need a value to generate a unique address for any given cell in our calendar.