My new teacher just gave me the first page of “Dohnanyi’s Essential Finger Exercises”. Boy, are they challenging. Of course, I like a challenge. Documents Similar To Dohnanyi Erno Book Essential Finger Exercises. Alfred Cortot – Rational Principles Of Pianoforte Uploaded by. Daniela. Ernst Von Dohnanyi’s Essential Finger Exercises is an excellent book which helps pianists to develop and secure technique. (Z) en-GB.

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The inventions are very useful as well.

How to Practice the Piano: Doh! Dohnányi

If you read the preface, you’ll find they’re written for professionals to maintain technique. But, I can see the benefit in finger strength and agility. Hanon are your knee pushups. Share in the comments below. When we struggle to learn a challenging piano exercise, we are literally exercising the portions of the brain that transmit instructions to the specific muscles whose actions are required.

Mark D The pianl gained by playing Bach is of a different type than this exercise provides. Now those pieces will give one an idea of what is needed to play keyboard instruments of ANY kind.

Dear “Beginner”, I am not suggesting Dohnyani, merely repeating in summary the details of his first exercise. For instance, I was having problems with block chords getting all the notes to come down precisely together.

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How to Practice the Piano: Doh! Dohnányi | ARHtistic License

My second teacher, years later, upon my mention of Hanon, reinforced that with “perhaps Czerny”, but Oiano heard of Dohnyani and upon purchase getting his name and country right was told “these will make a man out of you! Miss Mary Mack has one pattern repeated over and over, perfect for children. Don’t worry, it will get easier.

Basically not enough variety for a more advanced student. That’ll work your left hand. I agree exercizes three voices it exercise into issues of same hand finger independence, pianoo still it is often not the physical obstacles that make it difficult but just trying to keep in mind what dohnxnyi finger is supposed to be doing more things to do and think about at once. Once you are strong enough to do them, you do a few every couple of days to maintain strength.

What works and doesn’t go against the natural. True, you can’t get full independence, but you can gain some independence. I have found such individual differences in hands I have vague memories of trying the first few exercises and being totally incapable of playing them.

Not deterred, exervises recovered, and harmed a second nerve, incurring another surgery and eventually not being able to play. For instance, scales in thirds, or trills in thirds. Also, there is a lot of talk in the other posts about gaining finger strength through these exercises.

For those of you who are curious – try this. In front or behind first? It’s not really about finger strength, if you want your fingers to be stronger go work at a pizza shop kneading dough. Professional pianist and piano teacher. If someone finds it hard to move fingers, it’s because there is resistance somewhere in the mechanism that prevents the fingers from moving easily.


If I then had to play something with my thumb, it was already stiff because the muscle was locked and it would play with a thunk.

Yes I realize the original post is dated Every time I returned, I felt like I was starting all over again. Kids would probably still learn it faster than senior citizens. Turn off the dohnanyk to some extentthen look at the music, and rebuild it.

But they aren’t intended to be progressive. Do exercises help with memory? He told me to kind of stroke the key pulling towards me as I press. You are commenting using your WordPress. My teacher gave my 12 which is all big chords in many different positions. Then exercixes up each finger while holding down the others and play the note again. My teacher gave Dohnanyi to me last monthst 2 pages. One thing I will say. I spent my childhood working through the books of Schmitt and Hanon.