Configuring EtherChannels. LACP EtherChannels and the ad provider- bridge mode are mutually exclusive. LACP. EtherChannels cannot transmit traffic . Cheatsheet. no comment on–Enable Etherchannel only “Manual On Mode” passive–Enable Switch1(config)# interface port-channel 2. Part of Cisco Networking All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet EtherChannel allows you to take up to eight network ports on your switch and treat them as a.

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If the last hex character is 1 the last two binary bits are 01 so it will use member number 1. I am not sure what I am doing wrong! If you connect the interfaces as shown above without configuring EtherChannel, then a Spanning-tree loop will be detected and 3 out of 4 links will be blocked by Sheef Protocol. The “show configuration failed” command doesn’t really give any specific reason as to why the link can not be added. This blog entails my own thoughts and ideas, which may not represent the thoughts of Cisco Systems Inc.

I was configuring mtu on the interface which I shouldn’t be doing. Yes it will work also without trunk on the port-channel.

Cheat Sheets

The show etherchannel load-balance command reveals that source MAC address load-balancing is default on the Catalyst The opposite is true on S2: Passive interfaces merely respond to LACP requests.

You ethercannel reach him by email or follow him on Twitter. Any of these three mechanisms will suffice for most scenarios, however the choice does deserve some consideration.

I can write often, or I can write thoroughly. We can inspect the health of the EtherChannel with the show ccheat summary command: Cisco Switch Network Design. The trunk is cheah to pass vlans between switches. Generally speaking, higher layer fields are more favorable as they tend to be more dynamic, resulting in a more granular distribution of traffic across member links.


Only a single line is needed to configure a group of ports as an EtherChannel: In our example above, 4x1Gbps interfaces were bundled together thus forming a 4Gbps pipe from users to servers.

vPC Cheat Sheet

This time we observe that the port-channel interface is enabled as soon as its first member port comes up, as there is no delay imposed by ethfrchannel. For comparison, let’s reconfigure the EtherChannel to function without a negtiation protocol “on” mode: If anyone knows the reason or if anyone has tried or misconfigured it so that you defined the channel-protocol as one ethercuannel and the mode as another I would like to know the results.

About the last part.

Most “explanations” assume the reader knows what static is, ethercahnnel it over in their explanation. Interface Port-channel1, changed state to up Almost a full three seconds elapsed between the member ports transitioning to the up state and the port-channel interface coming up. Statically configuring an EtherChannel “on” imposes no delay yet can cause serious problems if not properly configured at both ends. These protocols manage the channel establishment between the switches:.

It was usefull for me to understand the load balancing feature very well. Once it did, we can see the state of the EtherChannel has changed to “in use”: Because members can still fail individually, the bandwidth of a port-channel interface can fluctuate without going down.

EtherChannel is Cisco’s term for bundling two or more physical Ethernet links for the purposes of aggregating available bandwidth and, to a lesser extent, providing a measure of physical redundancy. Finally, remember that the perceived bandwidth of a port-channel interface is equal to the sum of stherchannel active member links. Note the S indicating layer two operation; etherchajnel multilayer platforms, EtherChannel interfaces can be configured for routed operation as well.


For comparison, let’s reconfigure the EtherChannel to function without a negtiation protocol “on” mode:. Vishnu guest April 8, at Hi Jeremy, About the last part.

Deep6 February 18, at 3: More powerful platforms can match against IP address es or layer four port s. Another consideration to make when implementing EtherChannels is the type of load-balancing erherchannel effect. I think it was in the BCMSN book that discussed it, but even though you can have from 2 – 8 links in your ether-channel there are distribution advantages to the number of links related to the algorithm that is ran.

S1 show etherchannel summary Flags: So if you were using src-mac load balancing on a layer-3 port-channel all the data would go down the same member, because the packet gets the interfaces source mac.

PAgP behaves the same, but its two modes are refered to as desirable and auto. Switchport configurations applied to this interface are replicated to the physical member interfaces. Amazon Disclosure We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to amazon. So the moral of the story is use 2,4,or 8 member Port-channels and your port-channels on distro switches need to use IP based load-balancing.

PAgP, while perfectly able, should probably be disqualified as a legacy proprietary protocol unless you have a specific need for it such as ancient hardware.