Pathfinder Module: Fangwood Keep [Alex Greenshields, Paizo Staff] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Claim the Castle! Fangwood Keep. 28 Aug When her attempt failed, years of neglect left the above-ground portions of the keep in ruins. When Molthune built Fangwood Keep in AR. Fangwood Keep has traded hands countless times in the persistent struggle between Nirmathas and. Molthune. Ten years ago-the last time Molthune held.

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Narl told me to update this! The adventure therefore consists of two parts; the first part, as the group explore the ground level of the keep, involves a number of encounters with hobgoblins and their allies.

The region was held for nearly a decade by Molthune under the tactical guidance of Duke Armareni of Fangwood Keep up until an assault by the Chernasardo Rangers demolished part of the southern wall and left the keep defenseless. Yet there are distinct personalities amongst the hobgoblins—particularly their leader, Fethi Ken-Shakkas and the bugbear Tralg not strictly a hobgoblin, but still part of the hobgoblin group –and the hobgoblins have their own reasons and motivations for being there.

Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook. Clash of the Princes.

David Keffer rated it it was amazing May 24, Following Kedp secession from Molthune in AR, Fangwood Keep became a hotly contested fortification on the ever-fluctuating Nirmathas-Molthune border. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Pathfinder Module: Fangwood Keep by Alex Greenshields

The two fangwkod have been in a state of hostility, if not all-out war, for a long time, ever since Nirmathas broke off from its parent country, Molthune. Edge of the Empire Beginner Game. However, otherwise the adventure is quite strong. Then, once they penetrate the lower levels of the keep, they find the chambers of the elven wizard and the strange experiments she was conducting.

The Forest Lord of Nirmathas appointed Sloan the Duchess of Fangwood Keep the first to hold such a title since and officially recognized the settlement of Marideth’s Crossing as under the Duchess’ protection. The characters will face many hobgoblin soldiers before they reach Pavo Vos and depending upon their approach may be able to learn that Elessia, a cleric, is behind his defection fangwooc the massacre of his soldiers. It sets a scene with fully detailed characters and motivations and then lets the PCs take care of the details.


DeAnna rated it really liked it Mar 07, It doesn’t have to be a “storm the castle” it can be any theme.

It’s not the high ground, but it could have been worse | Fangwood Keep | RPGGeek

In refugees from the villages of WintersbreathSkelt, and other outlying Nirmathi communities ravaged by invading orc forces from Belkzen drove off the Brotherhood of the Black Talon—a local bandit army paid by Molthune to spy on Nirmathas—and claimed the keep for themselves. Books by Alex Greenshields.

In the second part of the adventure, the characters must explore the ruins of the elven wizard’s dungeon to stop Elessia and find the artifact. It would be easy for the adventure to j ust make them generic monstrous troops, devoid of personality, and just there for the PCs to kill. Elessia, a changeling cleric of Calistria, helped Vos take control of Fangwood Keep.

However, the possibility of having the characters own a powerful artifact at fangdood end of the adventure does mean a GM should be mindful of the changes this may bring to the game.

Review of Fangwood Keep (Pathfinder adventure)

Although the Book of Infinite Spells is drained of most of its power, it remains a very potent artifact that the characters fangqood keep. Overall, Fangwood Keep is a very good adventure. Carimac added it Oct 12, It doesn’t really matter which country the characters work for as once t This adventure starts with the PCs being given a mission to infiltrate Fangwood Keep.

While this is not a bad thing, the stat blocks for these guys are pretty much the same and thus may create a bit of boredom.

The fangwoood was abandoned by both sides and largely reclaimed by nature. The original construction on the site of Fangwood Keep was an elven fortress named Telaraduil, built sometime prior fangwooc the Age of Darkness more than 10, years ago by the elven transmuter Tessarael as a network for aiudara gates. I guess that yet again, the number of pages the adventure must have was the delimiting factor.


The Temple of Elemental Evil.

Pathfinder Module: Fangwood Keep

The Hotness Games People Company. Fangwood Keep has changed hands innumerable times since its founding decades ago on kefp border between the warring nations of Molthune and Nirmathas.

Eric Prister added it Sep 08, Some of the writing reads poorly with some odd choices of grammar, but it is mostly of good quality; it is certainly presenting some good ideas, and that excuses the occasional poor choice of verb. Open Preview See fangwoid Problem? T here are no world-shattering or awe-inspiring events. While the adventure itself does not have any political fangwodo on the campaign setting it does provide a nice change of pace in any campaign with its focus on infiltration in the first part.

Kenneth Price added it Oct 03, Here the encounters feel a bit more random mainly because, in a sense, they are random, as the malfunctioning arcane engines here occasionally transport beings from other worlds herebut there are few enough of them that the adventure never starts to feel like a slog of keepp one more monster after another. Want to Read saving….

Darryl Champagne marked it as to-read May 02, Exactly how the PCs get involved in the adventure is left primarily up to gamemasters to fit into their own campaigns. Kurt Cason marked it as to-read Aug 23, Return to Book Page. Kdep Sagas of Golarion at http: Do you guys know if there are any other adventure modules with the same “low fantasy” feel to it?

This seems like a missed opportunity. Petri Wessman rated it liked it Jul 03,