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Welding circuitry is usually low voltage, however, fier a precaution, do not touch the welder electrodes. This manual applies to the MicroView More information. Ultrasonic support removal tank User guide and safety manual See inside for use and safety information. Rear Air-intake grill Fig. The unit contains no user replaceable parts.

Don t use it for anything else! This manual should be retained More information. Ensure that even bystanders are aware of, and understand, the dangers that exist in the welding area.

Fimer T207

Cisterns, in particular, may still contain toxic, flammable or explosive gases and vapours years after they have been emptied. Ifmer the Welder in a well-ventilated environment. Use and Care Manual. Equipment in fimdr state of disrepair or neglect can be dangerous.

This is particularly important if the equipment is relocated often. Dear customers, Thank you for selecting More information. The high voltage areas of the equipment have been segregated and can be reached only by using tools that are not provided with the Welder. Read, understand and observe all safety warnings to avoid damage from arc rays.


In the event of this happening, use air-supply respirators.

Fimer T Kaynak Makinaları – Kullanma Kılavuzu – Sayfa:1 –

Do not use the Welder in hospitals or medical environments including veterinary surgeries. Como consumidor, usted es responsable de asegurarse de que este producto se desecha correctamente. Please read before installation. Please read before installation More information. Place a transparent protection glass between the mask fomer the welding area. Contact Details Please note that some of the contact details on this PDF document may not be current.

Shipping Damage is not covered by warranty. Set the welding current according to the diameter of the electrode and the thickness of the workpiece. Ultrasonic support removal tank Ultrasonic support removal tank User guide and safety manual See inside for use and safety information. Welding parameters wrong set Welder Rough movements Leave the machine to cool until the warning led disappears.

If there are any questions, or requests, please do not hesitate to contact the dealer. All equipment connected to electric power supplies can be dangerous if fimerr manufacturers instructions are not read and observed. Failure to comply with the following cautions and warnings could cause equipment damage and personal injury. When removing the plug, disconnect the earth wire last. How To Set The Unit 4. Operating instructions in the back www. It must not be installed outdoors.

Connect the gas pressure regulator to the cylinder, then connect the torch hose to the pressure regulator. Futhermore a wide variety of electrodes are available to satisfy all needs. Runtastic rechargeable battery for iphone 4, 4S Thank you very much for purchasing our product, the runtastic rechargeable battery model no.: Check that the air-intake grills on fimdr front, back and sides of the welder are not clogged. Dear customers, Thank you for selecting.


Do not attempt to disassemble the unit. For natural gas safety tips please see ActewAGL s natural.

This equipment does not comply with IEC If it is connected to a public low voltage system, it is the responsability of the installer or user of the equipment to ensure, by consultation with the distribution network operator if necessary, that the equipment may be connected.

Showing power supply status Fig. How To Control The More information. Inert gas arc welding using infusible tungsten electrodes often shortened to TIG welding, Tungsten Inert Gas welding is a procedures that takes advantage of the arc produced between a non-consumable electrode and the workpiece.

Fimer T Amper Inverter Kaynak Makinası | Fimer | Pinterest | MMA

When the LED turns off, normal welding operations can be resumed Fig. Twisted or coiled cables can also cause Welder malfunction. The diameter of the electrode and the welding current value should be selected according to the thickness of the workpiece. By reading this manual you will learn more about the possibilities, limitations and potential dangers of welding.

VRS5W instruction manual Version 1. Clean using just a dry cloth. As a consumer you are responsible for ensuring that this product is disposed properly.