Cow is one of the most venerated animals in Hinduism. Hindus often refer to cows as Gomata, divine mother. Cow Mantra and rituals to worship.

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There is also a funny back-story to the origin of Maatu Pongal, lord Shiva sent his bull Nandi from heaven to the earth to give his message to people that they should have an oil bath every day and eat once a month.

Although, it is rare to find a temple dedicated to Kamadhenu, Hindus revere Cows as her mortal incarnation. On this day cows are decorated beautifully, their horns are sharpened and fed with tasty sugarcanes and succulent grass.

Also worshiping mother Kamadhenu or Cow helps in cleansing them of their sins committed in this birth telufu the previous one.

Infants, children and gomaths all benefit gomaha the products of cow. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. One has to tame the raging bulls to win the competition. Though most people raise cows for milk and other dairy products, even the manure and urine of cows are considered to have medicinal properties and serve as excellent disinfectants.

Pongal is a harvest festival that is more oriented towards worshiping the sun god and the land that feeds all of us. The aim of Jalli kattu is not to harm bulls but it is more a game of chivalry.


Gomatha Pooja In Telugu, Go Pooja Vidhanam, Gomatha Pooja Benefits, Gomatha Pooja, Mana Balaji

This is a way of expressing gratitude to the noble creatures that serve us throughout the year. It is often said that if you buy a cow for a poor family they will be highly benefited from it. First and foremost the cows are decorated and offered jaggery, rice, water and grass to please their appetites.

India is a country of villages and before tractors came in all farmers invariably had to depend only on bulls. The people also tend to take a parikrama around the cows to protect and take care of gomarha cows.

మీ ఇంటిలో ఈ ఫొటో ఉంటే | Gomatha Pooja Vidhanam | Gomatha Pooja At Home | Gomatha Photos | Gomatha-

Though the current form of the teluug is very violent and can injure cows and humans. They are natural forces embodied in the form of gods.

Gopashtami falls in the month of Karthika. Cow milk is considered the nearest alternative to human milk for human newborns. Thus the responsibility of looking after cows is squarely on human beings. Thai Pongal is celebrated with great fervor across Tamilnadu and other southern states. The Mahabharata is undoubtedly one of the greatest works of the world, unique in many[ Many gems, animal and gods appeared when the Gods and Demons churned the milky ocean. Gopashtami is fairly restricted to the northern part of our country.

Most temples take care of the cows in and around the premises.

Rules we Follow in Pooja? | Dharma Sandehalu in Telugu

In the Grihashtashram family lifeMaharshi Veda Vyas extolled to Yudhishthar the virtues of human beings, especially Brahmanas, as they play a pivotal role in performing duties to Devas, Pitras, Co- human beings, Bhuta Pranis, Krumi-Keetas insectsPakshis birds and even Asuras. Edited and scripted by V. This serves as the basis for all the rituals and pujas we perform for cows today. Other Vedic scriptures mention of Kamadhenu as Homadhenu meaning an entity from which commodities like clarified butter and milk etc.


Instead, Nandi wrongly advised people to take an oil bath once a month and eat every day. There is high nutritional value in all dairy products. Sage Vasishta advised King Dilipan to worship Kamadenu as he was childless. Lord Murugan, the son of Shiva and Parvati, is a much revered deity of Hindus[ There are a few things to be done on Gopashtami. There is nothing wrong in respecting or worshiping all creatures, including cows.

Every year Gopashtami is celebrated across the nation. Kamadhenuthe ancestor of all cows is regarded as a divine wish fulfilling cow.

One such animal is Kamadenu. They toiled the land and made them suitable for agriculture. The second day of Pongal is called as Maatu Pongal, on this day the cows are decorated, fed with best food in return for all the things she gives for farmers. Gopala translates to caretaker of cows. Mahabharata — An Introduction.