Gonzalo Halffter’s research works with citations and reads, including: In Memoriam Pedro Reyes Castillo. Gonzalo Halffter has expertise in. Gonzalo Halffter, Mexican entomologist. Red de Ecoetología; Instituto de Ecología A.C. – Carretera Antigua a Coatepec – XALAPA. Gonzalo Halffter . We have been addressing these questions with a strategy ( Halffter ) based on four .. , Arellano and Halffter , Arellano et al.

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Halffteg na Amazonia central. Response of dung beetle diversity to human-induced changes in a tropical landscape. In the cloud forest fragment, the samples were collected in and ; in the secondary forest, the samples were collected in and ; in the traditional shaded coffee plantation, samples were collected in and ; in the commercial shaded coffee plantation, samples were collected in and ; and in the cattle pasture, samples were collected in and This study was done at five sites of this landscape, each site representing a type of habitat with a different tonzalo of anthropogenic change: A strategy for measuring landscape biodiversity G Halffter Biology International Special issue 36, From previous studies Halffter et al.

Villa de Leyva, Colombia. Scarabaeinae at Welder Wildlife Refuge. At T2, twice as many species were recorded, and abundance was two-thirds greater than at T1. This species can feed on decomposing fruit, such as those cultivated in this type of plantation, and this might explain its occasional abundance during Bonzalo.

Cloud forest originally covered the majority of this region. The locations of the five study sites in a mountainous landscape in central Veracruz, Mexico. Dr Halffter has had a long and prolific scientific career, above all in the field of zoology research specifically in the field of entomology, about which he is considered a preeminent authority.

Scarabaeidaewere used as the indicator group. Direct access the UB in figures our history services international the ub group campuses faculties and schools international ranking tables cultural activities companies virtual museum. He is an active participant in international organizations for the study, protection and conservation of the environment.

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In all of these cases, a closed protected area in regions will not be sufficient to conserve total species richness when whatever is outside of the area is left to be used with no ecological considerations or restrictions. The original sampling was done inthe second inand the third in Howden and Howden A strategy for measuring landscape biodiversity.

Finally, in the pasture, the notable dominance of O. That is, how stable are the assemblages in a landscape that has not been modified by humans?

Universitat de Barcelona – Halffter, Gonzalo

The second, lower canopy is m high and is comprised of cultivated species belonging to IngaCitrusMusaPerseaand Psidium. Dung beetle communities and seed dispersal in halfftet forest and disturbed land in Amazonia. Both the traditional and the commercial coffee plantations had intermediate beta diversity values 0.

Copronecrophagous beetles of the Scarabaeinae subfamily Coleoptera: Instability of Copronecrophagous Beetle Assemblages Coleoptera: It is therefore necessary to work with different indicator ualffter for a given landscape.

Of the 16 species found in Nealis3 were not collected in Howden and Scholtzand these were moderately abundant in the first sampling. For the commercial shaded coffee plantation, the difference between years gonnzalo the length of the curves was more notable than for the other habitats. In the traditional shaded coffee plantation, total abundance were similar for both years, and D.

Articles 1—20 Show more. Greater availability of excrement leads to an increase in the abundance gonzapo coprophagous beetles and allows the species with larger bodies to increase notably between T1 and T2.

Gonzalo Halffter

Tropical rain forests have rich assemblages of Scarabaeinae with a complex ecological structure. The most common species in the canopy belong to the genera IngaGrevilleaCitrusand Perseaand there are also some Platanus mexicanaPinusand Cupressus.

Of these species, two, Onthophagus schaefferi and Dichotomius amplicollishave also been collected but not in our study in commercial shaded coffee plantations. The upper canopy is m high and is comprised mainly of UlmusHeliocarpus, QuercusFicusand Oreopanax. The alpha diversity of each habitat for each year was evaluated using species accumulation curves and species richness estimates. To determine the stability of gamma diversity over time, we compared the cumulative species richness that we found with that reported in several studies representing 15 yr of captures Halffter et al.

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Gonzalo Halffter Madrid, Spain, is a national emeritus lecturer at the Institute of Ecology in Xalapa Mexico and a renowned expert in the study of biodiversity and the management of the natural environment. Two anonymous reviewers provided helpful suggestions that improved this manuscript. In the secondary forest at T1, the accumulation curve was close to leveling off, and in the other three cases, the sampling effort was insufficient.

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Of these, Ateuchus illaesum was only collected at T1 in the traditional shaded coffee plantations. The landscape we studied, although it has been modified by people, has only been halfffer disturbed and, whereas the changes in the assemblages are a continuous phenomenon, the changes in species richness for the entire landscape glnzalo not seem to have been significantly affected.

Lucrecia Arellano Investigador Titular. Only one Onthophagus corrosus was collected during T1 in the cloud forest fragment. Welder has not been directly affected by human activities, so the only elements of change have been the increase in rainfall and its effect on the vegetation, along with the arrival of two exotic species.

In contrast, Onthophagus incensus and Copris incertus were recorded for all habitats and almost all years. Comision Nacional para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad. However, the other species changed hhalffter hierarchical position, and for T2, there was an increase in the number of rare species and those that were not very abundant. Copronecrophagous beetles, subfamily Scarabaeinae Insecta: