Results 1 – 12 of 18 Ras Alula and the Scramble for Africa: A Political Biography: Ethiopia & Eritrea Dec 1, by Haggai Erlich. Ras Alula was one of the big men or Telek Saw who played a prominent role in the making of modern Ethiopia. He was famous enough to be lamented by a. Emeritus Professor Haggai Erlich gave a public lecture on Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Ethiopian Exile and Interreligious Conceptualization on March 18, .

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All prices are in USD. A Political Biography has all the ingredients of personal drama. The analysis combines the factual changes with an exploration of the ways in which religious formulations of the nearby “other” influenced policymaking and were also reshaped by it.

A history of sixteen centuries of relations is analyzed, revolving around dimensions of mutual dependence: Product Description Ras Alula was one of the big men or Telek Saw who played a prominent role in the making of modern Ethiopia. The introduction, written with co-editor haggau co-organizer Erlic Israel Gershoni, presents the main theme of the book: He served in the Nahal paratroops battalion and as a reservist fought in the battle on Jerusalem in Six-Day War.

We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid hwggai. Authors Africa World Press, Inc. One is the reconstruction of major junctures of political connections and strategic collisions. It focuses mainly on the internal struggles of the Eritreans as they were interwoven with two simultaneous developments: Contributors who publish with this journal agree to the following license and copyright agreement:.


Haggai Erlich: The Cross and the River: Ethiopia, Egypt, and the Nile

His studies on the Middle East deal mainly with the development of higher education and the role of students in politics. It follows two interwoven aspects.

Contributors who publish with this journal agree to the following license and copyright agreement: Hosted By Hamburg University Press. The content of the manuscript is completely free from copyright violation.

The fourth part analyzes the communist revolution under Mengistu Haile Mariam to as a recycling of the medieval siege culture in a new cloak, and argues that today’s opening to both the outside world as well as to internal diversity and free economy is the first authentic revolution in the country’s history.

Erlich heads a committee at the Open University, tasked with facilitating studies for Arab students; in this context, he is also in charge of translating ten haggak the courses in various fields into Arabic. Write your review here: The narrative follows stages of modernization culminating with the emergence of modern nationalists ideas and movements, and is accompanied by hundreds of short informative articles and hundreds of authentic illustrations.

He is the Landau Prize recipient for in African Studies. This book follows two dimensions in the history of Egypt’s modernization. A discussion of the relations between Ethiopia and the Oriental Middle East from medieval times to erluch present.


Haggai Erlich – Wikipedia

Erlich, the general editor summarizes the flexible, non-essentialist nature of Ethiopia’s religiosity. These articles were originally presented in a international conference held in Tel Aviv University and in Jerusalem under the same title.

Authors will retain the copyright for their intellectual work. In the event of any conflict, the authors will promptly inform the publisher. Tracing the modern history of the region where the two religions first met, and where they are engaged now in active confrontation, this book surveys the political developments in the Horn of Africa since the late nineteenth century. An introduction by H. Retrieved from ” https: Ethiopia being the main source of Egypt’s Nile, and Haggia being the main source of Ethiopia’s Christianity.

Erlich Haggai, Dept. of Middle Eastern and African History

The license is valid for both electronic and paper copies. As such, it is haggqi an insightful analysis of late 19th century Ethiopian sociopolitics. Authors will retain the copyright for their intellectual work. This product hasn’t received any reviews yet.

He composed some of the paratroops’ popular songs, some of which are still in circulation. Connect with us Facebook Twitter. An analytical survey of Ethiopia’s history from early Aksumite period to today’s developments.