If there are any open questions regarding the use of install4j, please check out its In our blog, we have published a three step tutorial based on a real-world. With the API, it is possible to create extensions for install4j that add user- configurable screens, actions and form components to the install4j IDE. The following. Help topics present important concepts in install4j. They are not necessarily tied to a single configuration step. Help topics are recommended reading for all.

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install4j 5.0.8 Build 5311 Tutorials

This will launch a wizard used to create a launcher. Downloading and installing install4j install4j can be downloaded from this page. Text file modifications Show. This will launch a wizard used to create a launcher. This will launch istall4j wizard to configure a Media file.

In the Options tab of that component, I unselect Initially selected for installation option and select Downloadable component. Compilation of Native Launchers Show all. Email Required, but never shown. All the variables bound to a form component like the portable variable bound to the Install as a portable application check box, are automatically saved in a response file.

Each time an installer is built, install4j creates a default updates. Re-use of screens and actions with linking Show. Screens and action groups Show. The launcher API allows you to receive notification or further startups together with any command line parameters. This version info is displayed for example in the property tutorlal of the Windows explorer. If you want to decide at runtime which files should be installed or if you need to ship alternative files for different configurations, you can create additional file sets in the distribution tree.


With install4j you can easily create an installer and launcher for your Java application. Registry and preference store modifications Show. A project in install4j is saved to a single XML file. Disabling of screens, actions and form components Show. You can define groups of files and directories that constitute separate installation components.

install4j Download – install4j tutorial [2015]

Textual status information about application startup and version information can be freely insyall4j on the splash screen. There are all kind of variables available in install4j you can even create your own if needed and you can select them in many text fields by clicking on the Insert variable button the arrow button that appears behind them.

Generated installers can be launched directly from the build console. The VM options file step offers an interesting option to the end users who can change default VM parameters in case they need it.

I click on OK and the new screen is automatically inserted after the Welcome screen, just at the right place I wanted it to appear!

All screen changes and executed actions are written to the installer log file with some actions providing more fine-grained logging, like the “Install files” actions. In the Installer screen, I select the Configurable form node and in its Properties tab, copy to the clipboard the text of the Screen title field, click on the arrow button beside it and select the Insert I18N Message option I18N means Internationalization, the 18 number matching the the number of letters between the first and tutoral last letter of this long word.

You can quickly implement your own screens, actions or form components by using the appropriate framework in the API see “Extensibility” below. GUI, console and unattended modes all use the same screen and action configuration.

ej-technologies blog My first try with install4j

At this time, four. The files to delete are in the directory referenced by the privateDir variable created at installation time, but I need it also at uninstallation time.


Keys and values in the Windows registry and nodes and keys in the Java preference store can be deleted, created or changed. On Microsoft Windows, install4j launches your Java application in such a way, that the install4j executable and not java. All these files and directory finally appear in the list of the Define Distribution Tree tab.

Sweet Home 3D lets the user tutirial pieces of furniture one by one, but also by install44j of pieces from. Response files for installers Show.

Please contact support ej-technologies. From the previous matrix, I download the Setup Executable 21 MB for bit Windows and double-click on the installer icon once the file was downloaded.

Pritom Kumar Mondal July 30th, Nice one. Ingo Kegel August 16th, This means tuhorial your classpath is not set up correctly. RPM and Deb files let your Java application be part of the most widely used package management systems on Linux. For every build, install4j creates an update descriptor that you can place on a web server to communicate updates to your users. Once I retrieve all these files, I copy the ones required by Java 3D in a lib subdirectory of Install directory and reorganize them to avoid any name conflict.

Ingo Kegel November 21st, Then there is no suitable Java installed on that machine. Clicking on the Insert button the green plus buttonI choose the Add Files and Directories option.