Jose Ortega y Gasset: The Dehumanization of Art and Other Essays on Art, Culture, and Literature (Paperback – Revised Ed.); Edition on Lately writers have defined post-modernism in various ways, but they share in common the belief that the age of modernist art is over and that a. No work of Spanish philosopher and essayist Jose Ortega y Gasset has been more frequently cited, admired, or criticized than his defense of modernism, “The .

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All the variations and developments that have occurred in the art of music in these last decades tread upon that extra-terrestrial ground brilliantly conquered by Debussy. As the goal of vision towards which we direct our glance is the garden, we do not see the pane of glass and our gaze passes through it. Life is essentially a drama, because it is a desperate struggle — with things and even with our character — to succeed in being in fact that which we are in design.

I completely understand the feeling of a good novel closing you off from reality by all sides. The Mussolini regime in Italy was, in sharp contrast to the Hitler regime, one of the few regimes at the time which openly embraced the aesthetic of modernism, this time in the form of Italian futurism.

With art from the XX century up to now, the moment I know something about the artist, what he was trying to accomplish, what he meant in art’s timeline, -the new questions, new dilemmas, new techniques, the artist uncovers- the more I can understand and thus appreciate.

Thinking of Napoleon, for example, we are normally concerned with the great man of that name. It’s somewhat interesting to read what a cultural commentator with a strong art history background had to say about Modern art as it was happening, but many of his conclusions feel dated and a little off, mostly because of all the time that has passed since he came to them, and all the intervening analysis of Modernism and its practitioners that informs the way we think about that art now.


Aesthetics and Culture in Aesthetics. You are the person who has to live with them, by means of them, and perhaps you spend your life protesting against the soul with which you were endowed — of its lack of will, for example — as you protest against your bad stomach or of the cold climate of your rat.

The Brooklyn Rail

Every work of art awakens different responses: One lives in proportion as one yearns to live more. Published June 28th by Princeton University Press first published Without being aware of it, the young musician is attempting to realize in sound exactly the same aesthetic values as his contemporaries, the painter, the poet and the dramatist.

Having done so, only now can we ask what new life-style modern art heralds for the future? Aesthetic pleasures may be blind or perspicacious. Ortega believes the XIX century’s art and literature, and musicwas bent on trying to be ‘realistic’, on trying to capture reality even though that’s not possible, -since what’s left on canvas is a draft, a schematic selection chosen by the artist, of the infinity integrated in each person. If we now consider what attitude to life this attack on the artistic past indicates, we are confronted by a revelation of immense dramatic quality.

Within them they contained the human form and sought to convey their message through a somewhat accurate depiction of reality. Ortega y Gasset cops out too quickly, and it’s a shame, because he can be so brilliant. You found If you ask your own self, strictly and peremptorily, Who am I?

Despite his optimism, Goethe was a very lost person. In this sense it is therefore accurate to say that all the normal art of the past century has been realistic.

The Dehumanization of Art and Other Essays on Art, Culture, and Literature – Wikipedia

One need not become too alarmed at this. Dheumanization of art cannot arise except where there also prevails hatred of science, hatred of the state, hatred, in short, of culture as a whole.


Viel Intellekt auf wenig Papier, das mag ich sehr. To achieve this end, Reinhardt wishes to radically free his art from any subject other than mental pattern and intellectual process.

Read only the long essay, “Notes on the Novel. On occasions, individual genius allowed a more subtle emanation ogtega envelope the human nucleus of the poem – as we find in Baudelaire for example. Very clearly written, knowledgeable, funny, and written to be pertinent in any time period, today, fifty years ago, or fifty yasset in the future. Only the form of the artwork has remained, the message itself has however been separated from it.

By its very nature it is an inaccessible form of art for most.

The Dehumanization of Art and Other Essays on Art, Culture and Literature

Then, the artists look to the distance, and try to depict those objects that are further away, there’s the search for perspective, -trying to find a geometric arrangement, and chiaroscuro, as ortegs between painting objects to trying to paint the space we perceive when we stop looking at what we have in front, and when we try to paint the whole of what’s perceive as we project our sight into the distance. But he does not delve deeply into any of these topics, and he does not carefully investigate any particular work or movement.

Thus to see the garden and to see the window-pane are two incompatible operations: Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. All the essays are worth ortegz. Recall what used to be the theme of poetry in the romantic era. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.