RichFaces Tutorial with features, configuration, architecture, a4j:log, a4j:ajax, learning Richfaces, you must have the basic knowledge of Basic Java and JSF. The next-generation JSF component framework by JBoss! The RichFaces project is an advanced UI component framework for easily integrating Ajax. The description relies on a simple JSF with RichFaces application creation process from “RichFaces Toolkit for developing Web application” video tutorial.

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The available cities on the list narrow as you key more characters. In just a few steps, you can create a nice-looking, multipanel, clickable component. The datePattern tutorila wants a standard date pattern as defined by java. As you can see you need 3 kind of libraries: This will launch the RichFaces Jira page – to complete your feedback please login if needed, and submit the Jira. In the first place you need to make sure that Maven is installed on you local tuotrial.

The Pick List component lets you move and reorder the available items.

Chapter 3. Getting Started with RichFaces

The “RichFaces Greeter” application needs a managed bean. The good news about the entries in Listings 2 and 3 is that they are virtually the same in all of your applications and essentially boilerplate code. The description relies on a simple JSF with RichFaces application creation process from downloading the libraries to running the application in a browser. Although this evolution was welcome in general, an unfortunate and significant side-effect is that virtually all rich component frameworks written for JSF 1.


RichFaces 4 no longer requires org. The getSelectedDate and setSelectedDate methods expect a java. This is carried through to the selection background on components. You should also read the Download note.

Richfaces datatable example Richfaces datatable example The Datatable is used to show. RichFaces uses the skins concept.

If you are familiar with the data, you can usually take steps in the method to optimize results. If you choose to use RichFaces, I encourage you to dig deeply into the a4j: In fact, that concern was a major reason I began investigating RichFaces and similar suites: It consists of a bar and a content display, which can be any component see Figure 6.

For those who want to download and compile the RichFaces by gichfaces there is an article at JBoss community that describes the RichFaces repository’s structure overview and some aspects of working with it.

Add some RichFaces component to the “index.

JBoss richfaces tutorial

The City AutoComplete component lets you key in a city name. With the introduction of version 4, Richfaces is now compatible with JSF 2 and includes simplifications and efficiencies you’ll appreciate. In version 4, Ajax functionality is often automatic or the default. Run the application on server. I have cases, for example, in which certain keystrokes can be ignored, so the method just returns, eliminating a trip to the database.

Use the header attribute for the title. You can use it at the view or form level. I use a font style element for consistent readability, and also to show that RichFaces allows CSS flexibility.

For migration, note that the dependencies have changed completely in version 4. One major disappointment in the 4. The idea here is that an Accordion is a container for Accordion Items. You can just drop in the JARs and use it. The process of application creation described here is common and does not depend on used IDE. In my production application, the results came from a limited database set, which is probably most typical.

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The browsers I used were Firefox 7.

The SelCtl class tells the component to use the lightgrey background color instead. The value and timeZone attributes are loaded using methods from a managed bean, which is defined in faces-config.

Using RichFaces with JSF 2

Then you can import the project into Eclipse. In response, the RichFaces team embarked on an extensive rewrite for version 4.

The AutoComplete component see Figure 3which replaces Suggestion Box, offers a way to show valid input selections without attempting that unworkable extreme. This article has demonstrated only a few, but you should have gotten a feel for how things work under RichFaces, and seen several components that could be useful in many applications. Adding RichFaces libraries into the project.

You probably won’t use them often, but they are easy to work with and provide a good first use case for RichFaces syntax. View image at full size. So at first download Richfaces from JBoss site:.