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Journal of South Asian Studies The lead article charged that the decision to vote in support of the resolution was only made to assuage the political parties in Tamil Nadu, which had been calling for unconditional support for the resolution.

When the Regional Counters the National Gujral inand it has remained part of the kuly government ever since. Ltd on 2 January, These are termed suo motu statements.


When the Regional Counters the National in Academic Press,pp. Another item highlighted the mood of the three convicts in the high-security Vellore prison when the news of the rejection of the clemency petition was conveyed to them by their lawyers and even painted their jailors as being downcast because they had become fond of the men. On the morning of 28 Aprilhe announced a fast unto death, demanding an immediate ceasefire in Sri Lanka.

Submit your article to this journal Article views: When the Regional Counters the National favour of the resolution condemning the Sri Lankan government for human rights abuses against the Tamils. He also launched Junior Vikatan, a biweekly Tamil investigative journal in the s in addition to his many accomplishments as Vikatan’s publisher.


Viswanathan and librarian K.

Junior Vikatan – ஜூனியர் விகடன் – Issue date – 04 July

The article ended with the following lines freely translated: Archived from vikatam original on 14 March Graber, Processing the News: Share income from Gemini Films film producers. Ramakrishnan and Jeyamohan are some of the notable contributors to Vikatan.

Vikatan has now evolved as Vikatan group in the Tamil Nadu magazine industry. History and profile Vikatan was started vikaatn S. The company ventured into film production as Vikatan Talkies, and successfully made the comedy Siva Manasula Sakthi starring Jiiva and Anuya that launched the career of the director Rajesh. Ananda Vikatan is a Tamil language weekly magazine published from ChennaiIndia. Yuchtman-Yaar edsEvaluating the Welfare State: Regents of the University of Minnesota,pp.

Remember me on this computer. The Tamil-speaking population in Sri Lanka comprises different vi,atan Northern Tamils who trace their origin back to the Jaffna kingdom of the thirteenth to seventeenth centuries; the Eastern Tamils who trace their ancestry to Vannimai chieftains; and the Indian Tamils brought to the island from India by the British in the huly century to work on the tea plantations.

In complete contrast to this perception are academic accounts which emphasise the differences between the culture and politics of the Tamil populations in India and Sri Lanka. For a history of the Indian media, see J.

Journal of South Asian Studies and Ursula Rao attribute the new forms of political culture to regional media, particularly the Hindi-language media. A Comparative Study New Delhi: Enhanced exchanges between Tamil Nadu and north and east Sri Lanka were reflected in the media coverage in Tamil, with stress being laid on the cultural and linguistic ties between the two peoples.


Retrieved 13 April The current paper relates particularly to regional press content. Veteran journalist and media personality S.

The phenomenal growth of regional-language newspapers in the post-Emergency years after has led to a substantial reconstitution of public space. For the trajectory of print media in India, see N. See, for instance, Nalin Mehta, Television in India: Archived from the original on 1 September These can have far-reaching consequences71 when viewed in the context of coalition governments at the centre that comprise or depend upon the support of regional political parties. Anna Salai, Chennai Veteran journalist and media personality S.

Through their use, the regional media have over a period of time established the Downloaded by [Macquarie University] at While not every region in India necessarily subscribes to a counter-hegemonic ideology, it is worth noting that regional parties and regional media have played an important role in supporting regional causes and sentiments even when these ran counter ivkatan the national ideology and viewpoint. But in Tamil Nadu, the whole issue took a new trajectory, with political leaders vying with one another to save [the lives of the accused].

Ananda Vikatan is still running successfully after nearly eighty years.