21 Mar Background The King-Devick (KD) test is an objective clinical test of eye movements that has been used to screen for concussion. 2 Feb Demonstration and test cards for the King-Devick (K-D) Test, a candidate rapid sideline screening for concussion based on measurement of. Neurol Clin Pract. Dec;7(6) doi: /CPJ. King-Devick Test identifies real-time concussion and asymptomatic.

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MJC coordinated data collection and was responsible for data management. Area under the receiver operating characteristic trst for prolonged KD test times was 0. Therefore is it really needed, as the suspicion is already there? Scores in concussed players may remain abnormal over time.

This study provides Class III evidence that the K-D test ocncussion identifies ikng concussions in youth athletes. StarlingSteven L. So some of our athletes we baseline take three or four times to get a good baseline. Funding information and disclosures are provided at the end of the article. You May Also be Interested in. Generate a file for use with external citation management software.

The King-Devick K-D test is a vision-based tool of rapid number naming for assessment of concussion.

Rapid number naming using the K-D test accurately identifies real-time, symptomatic concussion in youth athletes. Skip to main content. Forgot your log in details?

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Halker-SinghBert B. A rapid, cost-effective, and reliable tool that facilitates diagnosis of concussion is needed. Among players tested, 20 had clinically diagnosed concussion. Log in via Institution. More info You can manage your cookie settings via your browser at any time. Purchase short-term access Individual access to articles is available through the Add to Cart option on the article page.

New Research Questions Accuracy Of King Devick Test As Sideline Concussion Screening Tool

Abstract Background The King-Devick KD test is an objective clinical test of eye movements that has been used to screen for concussion. Clinical Practice can be devic, here. Results head injury events requiring off-field medical room screening assessments were included in the primary analysis.

Over half go unreported and a substantial number may be asymptomatic. The study population comprised consecutive players identified with a head impact event with the potential to result in concussion.

Moreover, MacDonald pointed to the difficulty even medical professionals have in obtaining accurate KD baselines, especially for athletes with pre-existing learning issues such as ADHD or dyslexia. Now he does a post test and if he has one error he is concussed, but his official baseline test says he has to do it with no errors. Competing interests None declared. GWF processed, analysed and interpreted the data, and wrote and prepared the manuscript for publication.

Nonconcussed athletes saw minimal improvement postseason Take A Course Concussion Safety: Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Like the other clinicians interviewed, she had experienced difficulties in administration and variability in performance for the KD in using the test in her clinic. Methods A prospective cohort study was performed in elite English rugby union competitions between September and May I prepared or participated in the preparation of the Work as part of my official duties as an officer or employee of the United States Government.


December ; 7 6 Research. Please review our privacy policy. AdlerRashmi B.

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The first author must also be the corresponding author of the yest. Related Articles No related articles found. In those situations there is a chance that the parent or coach could think there is not a concussion and allow the athlete to return, [hence] violating state law.

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Analyses were fest for accuracy by MJC. You are here Home Online First King-Devick concussion test performs poorly as a screening tool in elite rugby union players: Search for this keyword.

King-Devick concussion test performs poorly as a screening tool in elite rugby union players: Additional testing was performed in a subgroup of nonconcussed athletes immediately before and after a game to determine effects of fatigue on K-D scores.

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