In this project, we will go over how to build a vibration alarm circuit, which is a circuit that will trigger an This is a circuit in which an alarm will be triggered when a sufficient vibration is detected. . How to Build a Piezo Knock Sensor Circuit. 28 Mar Vibration sensor, knock vibration activated alarm The analog read pin compares the induced voltage with a reference value. If the voltage. Simple Knock Alarm With Piezo Sensor. This circuit uses a thin piezoelectric sensor to sense the vibrations generated by knocking on a surface; eg, a door or .

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We put the line Serial. A smaller threshold value makes the device to respond even for minute vibrations. After soldering, paste a cello tape over it or apply some glue to prevent detachment.

An LED for the visual indication is added to the pin If the voltage induced is greater than the reference threshold value the Alarm will ON. The crystals of this material generates around 1 volt when it is mechanically or thermally stressed. Basically, security systems for home are designed using maximum number of sensors for the detection of intruders.

And when the input value is above the threshold, the Arduino executes the AT command sketch to call the given number. In this circuit, we connect this output voltage to the analog pins 0 and 1 on the arduino board. In this circuit, the transistors Q1-BC, Q2-BC, Q3-BC58 are connected as common emitter amplifiers and are used for amplifying the signal generated by the vibration sensor.

The voltage can be very large, but the arduino analog terminals have built-in resistance in order to attenuate this signal. In a totally still room with no movement, no vibration will be detected and the alarm will not go off.


Vibration Alarm using Piezoelement. Sensor Circuit 15 | Mohan’s electronics blog

This is a very important variable because it represents the analog level at which the LED will be triggered to turn on. This will alert us that a vibration has been detected and someone has entered a room and is moving around in the vicinity of where the circuit is located.

The first gate is used as a signal amplifier and the remaining 3 gates form a monostable multivibrator. Security systems are designed for detecting the intrusion and unauthorized entry into the residential houses, commercial buildings, industries, and military surroundings. Piezoelectric aalrm is basically called as piezoelectric transducer as it generates an electrical signal based on the measured input quantities such as vibration, flex, touch, knock, shock.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by wctivated. So always try to reduce the wire length as much as possible. And this is how a basic vibration alarm circuit functions. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In general, the suitable value of this resistor is in the range of ohms to ohms. In this project, we will build a vibration alarm circuit.

This piezoelectric vibration sensor converts the mechanical energy into an electrical signal, which is further used in actviated circuit diagram of security systems for home, for activating the security alarm system or vibration alarm. The Piezo element used in buzzers has a film of Piezoelectric material called Lead Zirconate Titanate. The piezomaterial coated on the element is heat sensitive.

Learning Electronics

You can modify this value to be less or greater depending on the amplitude of the vibration you want to be the trigger point. Customize according to your needs. Then post your ideas regarding the advanced security systems for home and improve the knowledge of other readers.


Connect the Piezoelement with the circuit using one core shield wire. The arduino pins detect this and through our software, we can program it so that when this analog voltage is detected, the LED on digital activatee 8 of the arduino turns on. The security systems for home using door knock vibration alarm circuit is connected as shown in the figure.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This alarm can be very useful in a room or an area that should normally have no movement at all in it. Glue the fine side of the Piezoelement on the door that is to be protected. It must be set as output and then declared LOW in order to function as a ground. Arduino gsm alarm code.

Once the circuit detects a vibration, which could represent that someone can entered the room or there is some type of movement disturbance, the alarm will be triggered. In our circuit, specifically, we will design it so that an LED will turn on and stay on once a vibration is detected. The piezo sensor should be placed, where the chance of vibration is high or where enough vibration will be produced.

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