The Tin Drum (German: Die Blechtrommel) is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Günter Grass. It was directed and co-written by Volker. The Tin Drum (German: Die Blechtrommel) is a novel by Günter Grass. Tutto nasce da sotto le quattro gonne di nonna Koljaiczek, la Grande Madre. Günter Grass (novel), Jean-Claude Carrière | 3 more credits» . The Tin Drum is based on Gunter Grass’s highly acclaimed novel which used magic realism to.

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Cinema Paradiso — Giuseppe Tornatore All that may be true. Views Read Edit View history.

The Tin Drum by Günter Grass

Maybe I’ll try the movie. I also did not agree with everything he uttered, but, at the very least, what he uttered was always deliberate and worth considering. They play Skat until Kobyella dies and the Germans capture the building. At one point, Oskar decides he wants to take refuge from the world in a Mental Hospital with comfy beds.

And if you’re lucky, it will change you. Oskar considers himself to have two “presumptive fathers”—his mother’s husband Alfred Matzerath, a member of the Nazi Partyand her cousin and lover Jan Bronski, a Danzig Pole who is executed for defending the Polish Post Office in Danzig during the German invasion of Poland.

All copies in Oklahoma City were likewise confiscated and at least one person who had rented the film on video tape was threatened with prosecution. Ich bewerte daher die Teile einzeln: He is using both first person pronouns and his name to talk about himself – at times in the same sentence.


After his lawyer exonerates him and he is let out of the mental institution, he contemplates going to America, where his grandfather an arsonist might be living.

Sherbet fizz Re-Read details: Quotes from The Tin Drum. She later gives birth to a son, who Oskar is convinced is his.

During the war, Oscar gain popularity as an artist tamobur could break glasses through his voice showing how much Germans loved being shouted at while after war it is his drumming the creative art that gets prominence. Danzig Oskar is born in and growing up or not growing up in a suburb of the city of Danzig.

Man kann das Buch auch ohne weiteres nach der Danziger Zeit beenden. Like Oskar, he was an opportunist. Other books in the series. Gunetr soon achieves fame and riches.

There isn’t always easy beauty, or recognizable beauty around us.

The Tin Drum

The film emerged vindicated and most copies were returned within a few months. But as far as I and my graas Bruno are concerned, I beg to state that we are both heroes, quite different heroes, he behind his peephole, I in front of it; and that when he opens the door, the two of us, for all our friendship and tambbour, are still far from being some nameless mass devoid of heroes.

Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution.

Let go of your circumscribed thoughts and enjoy the thrilling, pounding moments life has to gtass. You can start a story in the middle, then strike out boldly backward and forward to create confusion.


Best Foreign Language Film. The novel is strongly political in nature, although it goes beyond a political novel in the writing’s stylistic plurality.

He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in It was an assignment in a Postmodern Lit. It made me think of how psychiatrists give dolls to abused children, and have the children tell their story through the doll: An entire credulous nation believed, there’s faith for you, in Santa Claus.

The crazy characters are intersting and funny at first, but there’s no connection between them, and after a while their strangeness gets boring and repetitive. But the little drummer boy picks it up again and starts drumming stronger and louder than ever, in fact he says that the he is not narrating his story, but rather drumming it. What am I missing? War as such doesn’t show up much in the book guntfr a few chapters it contains no soldiers and guns.

The Tin Drum – Wikipedia

As Hitler rises to power, three-year-old Oskar decides he doesn’t want to grow up. Oskar Matzerath, son of a local dealer, is a most unusual boy. Jul 05, Maureen rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The main character and narrator is Oskar Matzerath, a dwarf and later on, a hunchbacked dwarfwho develops a precocious genius for drumming as a toddler.