8 Dec The characters in this intelligent, absorbing tale of suburban angst are constrained and defined by their relationship to children. There’s Sarah. 14 Mar LITTLE CHILDREN. By Tom Perrotta. pp. New York: St. Martin’s Press. $ They’re everywhere these days, in the suburbs and the. 14 Mar ‘Little Children’. By TOM PERROTTA MARCH 14, . Most people just fell in line like obedient little children, doing exactly what society.

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Summarizing isn’t something I do particularly well, so I’m going to leave it at that.

Sarah, an Ivy League-educated ex-lesbian, seems to be living one long “How did I get here? Most people just fell in line like obedient little children, doing exactly what society expected of them at any given moment, all the while pretending that they’d actually made some sort of choice. I thought they were quite well-developed. Oct 12, Jay Chirino rated it really liked it. You won’t root perrotta anybody but yet you’ll like them all.

Feb 12, Mark R. Want to Read saving…. Wowzers– If you thought the movie was good which it was then you’ll love the book. Larry suddenly approaches, ready to kill Ronald, but finds it in his heart to offer his condolence for May’s death.

Little Children by Tom Perrotta

Perrotta does not so much shed a light on the American Dream, such chuldren it is, as he places under the microscope the expectations middle-class Americans either have foisted on them or impose upon themselves. There were too many unanswered questions as well as behavior that simply did not jive with several of the characters’ previous actions. Is that really so awful? Now, his wife has left him and taken their two sons.

Todd feels emasculated, powerless and insignificant in his matronly role as a stay-at-home dad. Todd is a handsome young father the neighborhood women have nicknamed the “Prom King”.


There is also a seedy subplot about a convicted pedophile who childrn into the neighborhood. As the intensity of the story increase so too does the pacing. While I can appreciate that the idea was to parallel a local public scandal against the fragile world created by Sarah and Todd’s own private scandal, Perotta gave himself enough to work childrren in Sarah and Todd and their respective situations and personalities that he could have developed his story without the outside element.

A former football star in school, as well as a fraternity boy, Todd’s life has lost all its recklessness and has been carefully plotted out by his resentful wife. For me it is a piece of cake. It reads like a steamy soap opera cjildren lots of dark undertones and shrewd observations about parenthood and marriage; and characters who are flawed but mostly likable.

Despite a passionate love affair with another woman during her undergraduate years, a major in women’s studies, and a good deal of time in graduate school working on a Ph. I also wanted to read it in a phase in my life that I’ll be able to absorb the full meaning of it.

To ask other readers questions about Little Childrenplease sign up. Published January 1st by St. I am not a boring suburban woman myself.

Little Children (novel) – Wikipedia

Perhaps I am a bit naive but I’d certainly like to think that infidelity is less common place than the literary world makes it seem. May 30, Jeremy rated it it was ok Shelves: Bertha, a school crossing guard lttle May’s best friend, takes Ronnie to the hospital, where May has written him a note that reads only “Please, please be a good boy.

Martin’s Griffin first published January 1st Two of the characters, Todd married to Kathy and Sarah married to Richard feel shackled, perrptta and unfulfilled by the constraints and trappings of their conventional suburban life. When Sarah and Todd cross paths one morning on a neighborhood playground, the sparks are undeniable.

Little Children Summary

In contrast, Sarah is frumpy, squat and plain with frizzy hair. Oddly, I found the characterization of the convicted child molester less unsettling than the pantie-sniffing web surfer or his wife’s affair. We I was disturbed by the topics raised in this book not so much because I am a prude but rather because I’m an idealist.


My husband’s name was also Todd, and he was staying at home to take care of our daughter. Because that’s all we are! Another aspect of the book that I liked was the way Cgildren dealt with the arrival of a convicted sex offender in the sleepy suburban neighborhood he paints so A quick and enjoyable read, with lots to say about what marriage and love and child-rearing really mean.

One of my recurring complaints about books in general is product placement. Sep 01, Chris Gager rated it really liked it. Sarah defends the character, calling her a feminist and praising her efforts to struggle against the constraints society as heroic. It’s a first for me, for perrootta, but this is one case where the screenplay writer was a better artist than the novelist.

His appearance sets the already nervous parents into hyper-overprotection overdrive. And there’s Sarah, a lapsed feminist surprised to find she’s become a typical wife in a traditional marriage, and her husband, Richard, perrottta is becoming more and more involved with an internet fantasy life than with his own wife and child.


Things go even farther and soon the two of them are scheduling play dates for both their perritta and themselves. Mostly, he daydreams and takes his son to the community pool and generally avoids anything remotely related to the law. Jesus, there you are!

Todd has never held a job and has become complacent in his role as a mother figure. Didn’t like the movie much, either.