Weaving magic with his wise words, legendary poet Harivansh Rai penned down Madhushala, the poem that resonates the meaning of life. The poet here again is telling the reader that he will go to any extents, like boiling The range of the verses of Madhushala is wide: wine and the tavern or. – Explore Vijaya’s board “madhushala” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Hindi words, Harivansh rai bachchan poems and Lyrics.

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And if you have not, please do get hold of a copy of the album. Your review was very helpful to us. The poem has different meaning for each of his readers. I hope to read more of him! How much love can I give and how much can I drink? O son, raise not water at my final rites, but wine in your palms. What amazes me is how this poem covers a whole life time in one, single poem.

O traveller, drink judiciously, for you will ooem find the tavern again. Also by having the reader winethe author cup is brimming with joy and that the book Madhushala is incomplete without the author and the reader. We have to understand this poem through the heart, not through the head.

Are you forbidden to make a hut where you find peace? Dale July 23, at Do You Like This Story? Each day, O companion, spills more wine from my life. Madhushala, on a superficial level, can be mistaken opem a tribute to Bacchus, a celebration of liquor.

I think that you could do with some maehushala to drive the message home a little bit, but mavhushala than that, this is wonderful blog.

You can first start with a free wordpress version and write good quality content, and once your account is famous and you become good at it, you can upgrade to paid versions. In fact, most early readers fell into this trap.

O Beloved, if they ask my caste, say only that I was mad. This is the ultimate trance, the ultimate wine-maiden and the ultimate goblet. Touch not my tongue with the Ganga’s waters, but with wine, when I die.


It is about God, or the Ultimate Truth, or about the condition of mankind. A warm welcome A warm welcome to all friends with a loving invitation to read my personal expressions on movies, music, poetry and life. They say, “He departs,” at the very moment that he is born.

8 heartfelt quotes by Harivansh Rai Bachchan that will make you look at life in a new way

It is a poem about life, and uses the common metaphor of the tavern to represent it. The author here is praising himself by saying that even if u have read this wine poetry million times it will not go empty with meaning.

Madhushala was part of his trilogy inspired by Omar Khayyam ‘s Rubaiyatmaehushala he had earlier translated into Hindi. Only once every year, the fires of Holi are lit. Yet he is known mostly for his poetic trilogy of Madhushaala, Madhubaala and Madhukalash, and more so for the first of these. He was totally right.

Only once every year, the fires of Holi are lit. Every face dissolves into the features of my wine-maiden, And whatever be in front of my eyes, they fill only with visions of the tavern. Bachchan was bold, iconoclastic, and uncompromising when he wrote that verse. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? If you want a glimpse of how beautiful this poem is, then watch Big B maehushala just couple of verses below:.

Madhushala – Wikipedia

Hear the laughter of the drinkers, as the fragrance of the tavern wafts through the air. We are happy to know that our posts helped you.

Notify me of new posts by email. Would you recommend starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? Whatever the vessel in my hands, it feels like a goblet. Call not the name of God, but call to the truth that is the tavern. He who mdhushala burnt all scriptures with his inner fire, Has broken temples, mosques and churches with carefree abandon, And has cut the nooses of pandits, mullahs and priests — Only he is welcome in my tavern.

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It is not, as is said in James: Yama will come as the wine-maiden and bring his black wine, Drink, and know no more consciousness, O carefree one.

Madhushala : A balance between rebellion and romanticism

madhusha,a BachchanHarivansh rai bachchan best poemMeaning of madhushalaPoem about life in HindiThe travern. Bachchan, who has translated the Rubaiyat into Hindi, has acknowledged the Persian influence in his work and indeed it is this aspect of his poetry that sets it apart form the work of the major Hindi poets of our time.

Her coquetry and charms are lost arts; All the madhusuala wishes now is to fulfil its obligations. It is undoubtedly one of the most enduring works of modern Hindi literature. If you have any suggestions, please share.

Madhur bhaavnaaon ki su-madhuar nitya banaata hoon haala bharta hoon is madhu se apne antar ka pyaasa pyaala utha kalpana ke haatho se svayam use pee jaata hoon apne hee mein hoon mai saaki, peene vaalaMadhushala The author says that he has been making wine poetry of all the nice poemm and experiences of his life.

When you bear my corpse, pallbearers, remember this! My beloved wine-maiden seems a priest; her wine as pure piem the Ganga’s waters.

The poet tries to explain the complexity of life with his four instruments, which appear in almost every verse: He is going to speak of important philosophical truths; he is going to tell the story of humankind, madhjshala why talk of a one on one relationship with ONE reader?