MBA in the USA

In USA the MBA (Master of Business Administration) is similar to diploma of higher education. There you can do an MBA, graduating on the bachelor. That is, to continue the usual 4-year education and getting a Master degree in business.

At the same time, that doesn‘t always mean that immediately after receiving the bachelor’s degree in a particular field, it is possible to do an MBA. Most likely, the graduate will have to work for several years, because most business schools require 3-5 years of professional experience from the applicant MBA.

What do business schools in USA offer?

Almost all educational institutions in the United States, with an MBA program, whether private or public, offer a variety of training options, from full-time to the remote, with different duration. What to choose depends on the personal needs in each case. To facilitate selection, you can examine the MBA rankings 2015.

Full time MBA Program

Full-time MBA involves complete immersion into the educational process, student and professional life. The curriculum contains more subjects, more hours of training workshops and trainings. The full-time students have more professional events: congresses, presentations, workshops. Of course, full-time MBA is the most effective. Training duration is usually 2 years.

Part—time MBA Program

Part-time teaching allows the student to combine work and study as classes are held 2-3 times a week in the evenings and weekends. This can be very convenient for those who are not ready to give up work or reduce working hours. However, there are drawbacks: it is not a full training program and integration in the study of business processes is only partial. The duration of program is 3 years.

Executive MBA (EMBA)

EMBA implies only a partial and rather superficial study of necessary subjects and the passage of a small number of trainings. This program is designed for established professionals in the field of business and management with more than 10 years’ experience, wishing to confirm it by the relevant diploma. LearningEMBA takes 1-2 years, classes are held on evenings and weekends.

Accelerated MBA

This is an accelerated training program which is designed for students who already have education in the field of business, management, marketing and other related specialties. Training takes only 1-1. 5 years, since the number of hours for study of the introductory and basic information on all subjects of the curriculum reduces.

Distance learning

Distance education has many advantages: no need to leave the country, to spend huge money for living and studying abroad. It helps you to learn the curriculum at your own pace. However, disadvantages are also obvious: a minimal immersion into the language environment and the learning process. Duration of distance learning is 1-3 years depending on selected programs, schools, and speed of learning material.

Online MBA programs are designed to give professionals an opportunity to develop professionally in a specific area even in the presence of a permanent job and not to be limited by geography. Online programs in business are very diverse and available in almost all countries of the world. The best online MBA programs include the following: international business, marketing, Economics, management, leadership and project management.


Some requirements for obtaining MBA jobs may vary slightly depending on the school and program of study, but, overall, the list is about the same. First and foremost, the student must have completed 3-4 years of higher education, a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, and the level of knowledge of the English language required for training (certificates of TOEFL/IELTS with a high score).

Rounds in the system of enrollment

The application process and review occurs in one of three rounds: autumn, spring and summer. Each round lasts a few months. In principle, it doesn‘t matter in which rounds the process of admission to business school is started, but there are some guidelines especially useful for foreign students.

It is clear that the third round is the last round before the beginning of training. Therefore, the preparation of documents and feeding them to the University are better to do for the first two rounds. Then the student will have more time to prepare for studying and moving. For example, to pass the preparatory courses, to apply for a visa, find housing and so on. Moreover, to study for an MBA you can get a scholarship or grant. Those who come during the third round do not have time to apply for a scholarship. It is worth noting that the rounds of admission do not exist in all business schools of the United States.


The passage of the MBA program in American universities costs money, and often much larger than the training at the MS (Master of Science) in grad school. However, it is possible to reduce costs or to finance the studies.

Assistentura in teaching.

The vacancies for teaching assistants related to MBA subjects are available for the MBA students. And therefore all the benefits that accrue to the worker assistentura are available too. Students of the internal form of study (Full time) can also use an assistentura.

In-state tuition.

There are two types of training In the U.S.: in-state and out-of-state tuition. This means approximately the following: training for resident state and nonresident state. Here we are talking only about state universities of a particular state. As an example, training at Georgetown MBA can be called. If the student was born and/or lived in this state a certain number of years, he is entitled to in-state tuition at public universities in the state, which is much cheaper than out-of-state studying in the same University for visitors from other parts of the country. With regard to foreign students, to study at undergraduate or master’s degree only out-of-state is available to them. But for MBA you can apply for in-state tuition under certain circumstances. So, if a student was educated in an American University, for example, he passed Kellogg MBA, then for some years he lived and worked in the same state, pay taxes into the state treasury and so on.

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