25 Sep Indological Books, ‘The Art and Practice of Astral Projection – ‘. OPHIEL xom The Art & Practice “^Astral THE ART AND PRACTICE OF ASTRAL PROJECTION This, a practical Occult book, gives all the theory necessary to. Wed, 26 Sep GMT the art and practice of pdf – art and practice of astral projection art and practice of the occult art and practice of clairvoyance.

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A comprehensive page guidebook. Make an effort to SEE the-scene that you have visualized so many times before.

Full text of “The Art And Practice Of Astral Projection Ophiel MLBD”

You will learn that on the recording of inner plane sensations the imagination will be a much more potent force to be reckoned with. Now before we proceed with the further instructions on how to use your Body of Light for Astral projection I would like to close up this section with a recapitulation of what you have been given up to now.

Everything about the Inner Planes is different than what it is supposed or thought to be. You also possess a Mental body and a Causal body. Christopher Vasques rated it really liked it Dec 05, Astral Travel for Beginners: I will endeavor to set up an address thru which I can always be contacted for some pohiel. Then lines projectionn down from the prjection and turn again so that a square is formed. How does it work?

Write down key words and sentences to enable you to recall details later. A physical body that is part starved all the time is rather loosely connected with its Etheric Body and the separation is rather easy.


The Art And Practice Of Astral Projection Ophiel

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You recall I said that many dreams start out nicely and then run into trouble. Primitive peoples brought on a type of. If this is impossible then do the best you can about getting external matters in their proper place and keep them there. And then again I would have doubts about a person who knew a great deal about the Occult yet just dabbled around in it.

Make an effort to see about you. How to Conduct Puja to Mahaganapati. The exact physical creation process, as shown by a symbol process, is as follows. We have found that while we live and move in all our bodies at the same time our consciousness is centered aetral the physical body for now.

The entire Mental realm plane is projdction colors which are vibrations themselves. Another very important matter is this — At first I used to allow the student to go along by himself on his own power as it were.

You do not, therefore, have to create a eye structure of any kind, or even the suggestion of one. Fortunately I was in a kind of a daze all the time I was going thru the struggle. Projectoin me there is no other way to master this earth plane. Then I experimented with sounds. I have every reason ophil believe that those people who are not world successes in the fullest meaning of the word, that is physical world successes, are not employing the Inner Planes to the proper advantage.


Jan 13, James rated it liked it. If you are not advanced enough to understand and accept this idea then I advise you to reexamine your motives for studying the Occult, just why are you interested in this study? It was just creepy.

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This book will teach you the secrets to opening your third eye Practice until you make the lines straight and the oblong perfect. You recall that we said previously that in Astral Projections you do not project anything but consciousness, your consciousness.

You can say to yourself Oh! All is plenty and full of Peace. This instruction is given in the next section.

Trivia About The Art and Pract You have probably noticed from time to time that occasionally a symbol will represent something to which the symbol apparently has no relation and then others times symbols will projeection a very direct connection with the thing represented.

I need not go too deeply into the operating techniques of existence — function on the etheric plane as you will learn them for yourself first hand. This strange question comes up many times, more than you would think it would.