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His wife is beset with a leg deformity, and his daughter is grown up and engaged to a local man. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Retrieved 11 November These concluding sequences from the film add up to a compelling climax. Meanwhile, Kuber’s daughter’s marriage breaks down. Kuber goes to Moynadeep. Kuber agrees to the offer. Rasu has fled from Moynadeep deserting his wife and children there. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

On return, he brings along his sister-in-law Kapila Roopa Ganguly with a ton of small kids. Views Read Edit View history. This article madir additional citations for verification.

Retrieved from ” https: West Bengal Film Development Corporation. However, people who return from Moynadeep after working there has a different tale to narrate. Kuber tells his wife “Padda amago joto daay abar totoi loy” It is true Padda gives us a lot, but in return it also takes a lot from us. This page was last edited on 30 Septemberat One day a storm rises in the Padma River and leaves behind a trail of destruction.

It isjust before the partition of India, and the Hindu fisherman Kuber briefly accepts an offer by Hossain to ferry some of the community’s cargo padam the island.

Padma Nadir Majhi – Wikipedia

In the process of getting the cargo, he gets to see what the colony is like and, even though he is fully aware of the gripes of a former colony member and the limitations of it, comes to share some of the utopian vision. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


He flees to Hussain Miya for help. He doesn’t care if the people who populate it are Hindu or Muslim. Hussian Miya offers mmajhi lend a helping hand to the villagers. Manik Bandopadhay Novel Goutom Ghosh screenplay.

He wants to establish a little utopia on an island Moynadeep in the Padma delta and offer them a better life there. A new life unfolds for him there. Aminuddin, too, refuses to go back to Moynadeep again. Kapila was married but is now estranged from her husband. Archived from the original on 25 January Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

He succeeds in his endeavor.

Full Cast & Crew

When Kuber returns to his home and a variety of unfortunate events make it in his best interest to leave, he knows just where to go.

Even though Rasu was close to Kuber, he refuses to accept the match because of the age difference between them. Kuber has a wife and daughter and was recently blessed with a child.

The storm wreaks havoc in the village. He does so, but in return he takes their thumb impressions as proof of his help so that he can use it later to exploit them. A sneaky amorous relationship develops between Kubir and Kapila.


Films directed by Goutam Ghose.

Padma Nadir Majhi Bengali: Rasu Sunil Mukherjee and Aminuddin Rabi Ghosh say that Nadur is infested with lions and tigers, and there is forest all around.

However, Kapila’s husband re-appears and takes her away with him. Rasu proposes to marry her. Hossain Miya tells he can absolve him of the theft charge, but in return Kubir must go to Moynadeep.

Goutom Ghosh Alauddin Ali. Staying with a deformed wife and coupled with amorous gestures from his alluring sister-in-law Kubir succumbs to her wishes of passion play. Kuber is fabricated in a theft case, and police is now trying to nab him.

Kuber goes to pay a visit to his relatives from his wife’s side. It nqdir apparent that Hossian Miya has a flourishing business there, because he has recently purchased a huge boat because of expanding business. He would be fishing, except that the fish he usually catches have been driven away by a big storm. Rasu becomes furious and threatens to ruin Kuber.