The business education and the MBA programs in the USA

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in the USA are special educational programs that are directed to all spheres of business. Training of MBA is intended for people who already have one higher education, but wish to promote further in knowledge. Anyone of the entrants can try to enter the university of the USA even if he doesn’t live in there. Specializations at choice are a huge number. During the training, you will get necessary communications that will help to advance your business to the market.


The most important difference of such educational institutions with the MBA program is that all of them are engaged on Case Studies — “a case method”. All teachers conduct lectures on the example of the real economic events in the world. Moreover, students examine the problem and can find ways to solve it in the real time. Therefore, students receive the practical skills that will be useful to them in future.


Availability at the person with the diploma of MBA business school is spoken not only about his education, but also about his helping to build an excellent career and to be competitive in the market of personnel. If you keep dream to study in the USA, but you live not abroad, there is a solution of such problem. There are a lot of companies that pay for MBA studying of the future employees at business schools abroad. Then they successfully hire them. It promotes development of the company; therefore, it is profitable to it.


  • The companies founded by graduates of the MBA program
  • Google;
  • McKinsey and Company;
  • Bain and Company;
  • Goldman Sachs;
  • Apple;
  • BCG Boston Consulting Group;
  • Walt Disney;
  • Nike;
  • JP Morgan;
  • Johnson + Johnson.

The conditions for entering the MBA learning center

As the choice of business schools on MBA is very big, you need to approach to it adequately. Immediately pay attention to the cost of school, the prestige of it, the number of disciplines and necessity, and the rating program for employers. When you are determined, you have to understand algorithm of submission of documents for the entering.


  1. The ended higher education is obligatory condition. The entrant should already have one diploma and the certificate about the secondary education from the country.
  2. The work experience is not less than 3 years. Almost all of business schools require the experience. Only some can take the entrant without practical knowledge, but their percent is small.
  3. The estimates for the entrance testing. Only then, you will have chance to be approved.

For filing of application you need to collect the following folder a documents:

  • the assessment list from the certificate of high school and of the ended higher education institution for all the time of training, it should be registered every year, but not just the final exams;
  • the characteristics from places of training at English;
  • the documents are filed only in a sealed envelope and the seal shall stand on behalf of that organization who prepared the packets;
  • the notary shall translate all documents into English in advance;
  • the availability of the student’s visa and the international passport;
  • the motivational letter;
  • the letter of recommendation from a prior workplace;
  • the essay from the entrant.

When your documents are considered, most likely, you will be invited to the interview to the commission. It is a method of the psychoanalysis, very widespread in America. You will be again questioned about the experience of working, the company where you worked to check knowledge of their state language at the average level.
Most often, the interview is conducted in an informal situation, so as not to scare students by formality. The commission estimates your capabilities to communication, setting even irrelevant tasks and questions.
If your GMAT tests (Graduate Management Admission Test) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language will cause some questions, members of the commission can ask you to repeat them.
Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for such interviews very carefully, it is an indicator of that, how strongly the entrant wishes to be admitted to business school, according to program MBA.

The cost of education for the foreign entrants

The getting a business education in the USA is an expensive pleasure. The duration of education is on average for 2 years. For 1 year of the knowledge getting, you will need to pay 60 000 — 80 000 dollars (both textbooks, and accommodation, and an insurance are included). Should I get an MBA? Of course, such finance will be necessary for you at prestigious schools if you choose the educational institution more modest somewhere in the American village, then the amount will be much less. All the factors influence the assessment of payment of educational services: the location of the school, the duration of the program, prestige, popularity and others.

The most popular business schools at universities in the US news MBA rankings:

  1. Business School at Stanford. The cost of education for 2 years is 120 000 dollars.
  2. Chicago (Booth) – 115 000 dollars.
  3. Harvard – 130 000 dollars.
  4. Wharton Business School – 120 000 dollars.
  5. Dartmouth School of Business – 125 000 dollars.
  6. Colombia Business School (one of the most important)— 112 000 dollars.

If you have no money, but you dream to be trained according to the MBA program, then you can try to get the educational grant. The help to students in the USA is at the high level, they are always glad to see the new qualified specialists there. Is an MBA worth it?
There is the several types of grants you can get:

  • the grant for merits at school;
  • the regional grants;
  • the payment of training like getting the loans;
  • the assistant grant.

There is no wonder that the business education is a prerogative of the American scientists and teachers for a long time already. Exactly here, from the 19th centuries train till to this day, the famous graduates, who after receipt of the diploma, form their own the empire of business. In the ranking of the world’s schools, giving the MBA program, the USA takes the first 7 leading places.