Benefits of the social mba degree education in the USA

Benefits of the social mba degree education in the USA

The American MBA School is a magnet for those, who already enter into the elite of business or aim to get to their number. As at earlier time, there were the peculiar closed clubs, where all the graduated people could enter from the educational institution, regardless of age, and they were created of graduates of prestigious school, so and today the termination of rating business school means a direct hit in a circle of managers of the highest rank:

• Civil society of the USA is the ideal environment for studying of mba degrees online accredited social sciences.
• In a university rating of QS World University Rankings by Subject 2015 in the subject “social sciences”, the three world American higher education institutions are in the lead: the Harvard university, the University of California in Berkeley and the University of Wisconsin in Madison.
• A distinctive feature of the American social education is an opportunity to combine the specialization in social sciences with specialization in related subjects, including journalism, media, communications, policy, law, history, economy, etc.
• The USA is the country with the developed system of social mba degrees support and providing, therefore, it is easy to the graduate studying social and related subjects to get a job; the graduates can also use knowledge for work in other areas and the countries worldwide.

As the USA is the advanced country with the developed civil society, the social sciences became part of the fundamental education at local universities for a long time.
Nobody can challenge the importance of studying of social sciences for productive life and work in modern conditions. They give us an idea of the device of society and the factors influencing it. Thus, the social sciences of mba degree online are inseparably linked also with other spheres, including policy and media. Where do else to study them, if not in the USA, the country with high level of living and public consciousness?

How to enter the mba program in the field of social sciences
The standard packet of documents for revenues in the American higher education institution to a training course in the field of social sciences looks as follows:
– the certificate about senior secondary education
– the transcript of estimates
– the bachelor’s mba degrees online accredited (for receipt in a magistracy)
– the certificate of language examination (approximate points 6.0 IELTS and 550 TOEFL)
– the additional diploma and certificates (if are available)
– the motivational essay
– the letters of recommendation
– the student’s resume (upon the demand of the higher education institution)
The knowledge of foreign languages, the developed communication skills, the leader capabilities, the active social position and experience of volunteer or social job is also extremely important for the students who are going to study the social sciences in the USA. In America, students mba finance online degree are accepted with a pleasure, especially those, who due to knowledge in the field of social sciences, aim to change the world to the best.

Top-3 universities of the USA in the field of social mba degree requirements sciences

1. The College of Lake County
Studying in the College of Lake County, the local and foreign students can be prepared for execution of social work in the USA and other countries. The college trains more than 18,000 students and specializes in the field of humanitarian and social sciences. Besides, full academic and psychological support, consultation and special online mba degree programs for disabled people are provided to the students.
At the level of an associate in college, it is possible to specialize in sociology, social work, anthropology, gender sciences and sexology, history, political science and psychology. The diplomas gained on Department of mba degree definition of social sciences can be used for employment or further training at university.
Average cost of year: $8,800

2. The Salem State University
The Salem State University has been founded in the 19th century and is located in the city of Salem, near Boston. There are about 9,000 American and foreign students, and the studying at all levels in 40 disciplines is offered. The accommodation in a campus and various services of support is also offered to students of higher education institution.
What is an mba degree? At university, it is possible to receive the general in sociology, and also mba mph dual degree with additional specialization in administration, ethnic culture, public and applied sociology, and also in work with minorities. Based on School of social work, students can gain the diploma in social work, work with women, pedagogies, and work with children and groups. At the level of magistracy, it is also possible to study the behavioral sciences, social policy, family and group therapy, psychosocial pathology, social work and the right, management and leadership, clinical practice.
Average cost of year: $7,000

3. The North Dakota State University
The North Dakota State University is a higher education institution of the average size, which is known for a wide choice of training programs and the multicultural atmosphere, teaching more than 14,000 students from 79 countries. The career-oriented training in groups to 40 people is offered to the students of the university. The higher education institution issues the experienced people and popular professionals, performing the various programs of training and practical courses.
The social sciences in higher education institution can be studied based on Faculty of sociology and anthropology and Faculty of human development and a family. In particular, the academic mba degrees online programs in sociology, anthropology, social development, gerontology, social work, work with children, families and elderly people, consultation and psychology are offered.
The option of remote online mba degree programs studying in the field of social sciences is also available to the students. Thus, it is possible to receive the bachelor’s degree in human development, work with children, communications, sociology and family therapy. Remotely it is also possible to study the social sciences at the level of magistracy.
Average cost of year: $7,000

The employment and the mba degree salary of the social employee

Having gained the diploma in the social sciences, the graduate, actually, can directly work in the social sphere or in other area where his knowledge can be useful in practice.
Besides, the American diplomas of online mba degree programs are recognized around the world; therefore, the qualified specialists with excellent ownership of English can expect the employment not only in the USA, but also in other countries.

However, we will consider what is mba degree salary is expected for young professionals in America
In the USA work of the sociologist is considered the prestigious and is highly paid. Therefore, at the initial stage, the sociologists are paid in about $25,000 a year, and in 5-7 years of work, the mba degree jobs of the experienced sociologists usually reaches $60,000 a year. Social workers receive slightly less; their salary varies from $20,000 to $40,000, for experienced specialists.

We will note that the most highly mba finance online degree is in social work in the medical institutions, including psychiatric clinics and hospices, and in the sphere of private consultation and geriatrics. Women in the USA constitute 60% of total quantity of workers at similar positions.
The graduates who have received the additional specialization and got a job in the field of social media and marketing in America have more opportunities for the choice of specialization and career development. The salaries are also varied – from $20,000 to $80,000, depending on experience and the employer.

So, the average salary of the manager in social media constitutes $46,000, the specialist in social marketing – $48,000, and directors in social media – from $80,000 a year. Specializations in advertizing, media management and strategic marketing of online mba degree programs are the most popular.