Quelles sont vos motivations pour ce poste? 7 exemples de réponses 29 juin “Parlez-moi de vous” – Répondre à cette question en entretien d’ embauche. 25 août Voici une liste de questions/réponses posées en entretien d’embauche pour vous entraîner et arriver au top le jour de votre test. L’entretien téléphonique L’entretien en face à face Questions fréquemment posées D’autres recruteurs considèrent en revanche l’entretien téléphonique comme un pré-entretien. Relancez sous 15 jours, si vous n’avez pas de réponse.

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Montreal is an important city of Canada, it was founded in by Maisonneuve, It has a population of more than 3 millions inhabitants, the official language is french.

I was a Sales representative. I gain weight fast due to this. What exactly do you do? In the company where I worked, I had to use the computer all the day to do my work. Why should we hire you rather than another applicant? I can use softwares like Excel to make database, such as Word to write documents and Powerpoint to create presentation.

Tell us about your experience. In this job, I will welcome the customers, do everything to make them feel good, advise them, answer their questions, sell products to achieve qyestion goals. Yes, i can use a computer. I was Sales representative. How does the RH perceive the response? Feel free to read our policies if you qufstion more information. I play ping pong, badminton. I give myself time off by going out more often.


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I have used these softwares in the company where I worked. I answered calls of customers and their questions. In the company where I worked, Repnose had to use the computer all the day sens? I studied english in the fondamental school, in the college and university but like a secondry foreign language….

This company is known as a dynamic and modern company where there is a positive work environment, a good atmosphere, good working conditions and rupture de construction that rewards reposne who deliver good results. What have you learned from that experience?

I’m both optimistic and enthusiastic.

Recherchez des questions d’entretien

I like reading, listening to music, going to the cinema, cooking, playing ping pong table tennisbadminton. I’m meticulous and perfectionnist. What motivated you to apply ejbauche this job? Interested in learning English with me?

I hope you quextion a good summer vacation! Do you play any sports? And I understand about being a workaholic too! What aspect s of the job do you find interesting? I’m motivated to apply for this job because the salary, the responsabilities and career evolution interest me.

I will check their sales.

Yes, I would like to know what are the working hours? I find interesting in this job the customer relationship, the contact with embauchee customers, to advise them, to try to sell them products. But what about if the candidate has a genuine true, authentic answer and they express their desire to improve it? Hah, those are great answers!

Online courses in English or private coaching, let me help you improve your English and your confidence today. What are your career goals? The flag of Quebec is on blue and white with drauwing of lily flower.


Where do you see yourself five years from now? Also, i ‘m motivated, serious, ambitious, sociable and of course, punctual. I have a lot of teacher friends in Tunisia who were celebrating this week! I was sales representative in a call centre.

Well, I have three sisters and two brothers. I speak french, it’s my native tongue language and I speak s panish too. First time I see your video: Well, I have three sisters and two brothers 9 – What are they doing?

So, if you have French and spanish speaking customer, I can help them. I will manage a team and decide their objectives. I can use softwares like Excel to s database, such as Word to write documents and Powerpoint to create presentation s.

Questions et réponses d’entretien d’embauche |

I chose this company because the company’s good reputation and its successful strategies and values make everyone want to work for a such company. I am very ambitious. In my twice ways to go to my job interview ,there is like something which give me power to tell myself go go it will be ok ,it go be alright.