Royally Jacked by Niki Burnham – Valerie’s life is pretty good. While she’s not the most popular girl in school, she does have decent grades, great friends, and. 15 Dec As one of the launch titles in the Simon Pulse teen romantic comedy series, Burnham’s Cinderella-like novel throws in a few fun twists. The complete series list for – Royally Jacked Niki Burnham. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and.

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Dec 18, Katie Fitzgerald rated it liked it Shelves: Or it royaloy make sense. Jadi pengen baca birnham, hehe. Jan 13, Beth Martin rated it it was ok Shelves: Only one “villain” seemed present, which was the bitchy girl trying to Steal Val’s Man. She felts like she should be able to get things because of who she is or who her father is or how her life is going.

That is something people did in middle school or elementary school, but no in high school.

Royally Crushed (Royally Jacked, #) by Niki Burnham

But although he kisses her when they’re alone, he ignores Valerie at school. Then her mother announces that 1 she’s gay, and 2 she’s leaving Valerie’s dad for her girlfriend. I was completely hooked right from the start. Jun 15, Debbie rated it really liked it. She will, however, learn about Georg, the Perfect Prince, and she will then proceed to bitch about him and how perfect he is and how TheirLoveIsSoPure even though by the end of the book, they will have known each other for a grand total of Jan 05, Fran rated it it was amazing Shelves: January 19, Publication Date: I understand that they are upset that she had to move and everything, but get over it.


A lot of my strife with contemporary YA comes down to my struggle to identify with characters whose interests and grammar choices clash with mine.

To view it, jaacked here.

However, my Goodreads library only contains those books I’d give four or five stars and would recommend to friends without hesitation and I haven’t even gotten around to jackedd all those yet! And while Val’s voice did often seem shallow, there was a surprising depth to the ridiculousness of her situation.

Royally Jacked (Royally Jacked, #1) by Niki Burnham

All the other characters were annoying, vain, or simply bad friends. Over all, I really liked this three-in-one-book. Like I said before, I feel like this book could have been really good, but the plot was executed well. I definately give this book five stars! And that just made the ending and romance seem rushed, which should have been the focus. That’s probably why preteens are allow to read it.

First, I get that you can get over people pretty quickly, but Val, who has not had a really boyfriend, I highly doubt that she can get over a boy she had a crush for so long. Things could have at least been phrased differently instead of the same way three times. Since her father has a pretty cool job working in the White House with the president, the situation with the divorce garners a transfer to a tiny unknown town in Germany where you’ll finally see where “Royally” comes from.

Mar 18, Keri rated it it was ok. I didn’t like any of the characters except maybe Georg, he’s pretty cute. This book is actually all 3 of the books in the series all combined, which was good because of my main complaint about her books. I realize that this had to do with the fact that I was essentially reading three books back to back, but it still seemed a tad excessive.


Jun 04, Katie rated it it was amazing. Turns out the royal family has a son who is just one year older than Valerie, and isn’t too shabby to look at. After all view spoiler [her mother is a Friend of Dorothy and hide spoiler ] Val’s going to be moving to a country that she doesn’t speak the language of.

She is also a really funny character too which I really enjoyed reading about! Lists with This Book.

Royally Crushed

While she’s not the most popular girl in school, she does have decent grades, great friends, and a potential boyfriend. Just a very short read.

All the books end like this. Now that i’m 20 I know better.

So now Valerie has to make a decision. Let me just say, Georg, sounds pretty darn amazing.

You could create Val’s situation with just the dad’s career alone rather than sticking the mom in like that. Thanks for telling us about the problem. That is just weird and obsessive.

Again, in my opinion, if you’re going to have character on the cover, they should match their description in the book regardless of what that is.

That’s how I’ll end this review.