Buddha, Blessed, Buddhism, Buddhist Monk, Diary Book. Maverick . Morning Gongyo along with five prayers used in Soka Gakkai or SGI, Nichiren Buddhism. The portions of the “Expedient Means” and “Life Span” Chapters of the Lotus Sutra recited in the practice of gongyo. The Sutra Book includes an Introduction. enter your site description here.

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I used to be very terrified of talking about this. If you want to gnogyo spirituality or seek the divine, go inside and go within. Want to add to the discussion?

GONGYO Lyrics with Silent Prayers

I have never been asked to mindlessly or unreflectingly follow Daisaku Ikeda or any other leader. I pray that the great vow for the worldwide kosen-rufu be fulfilled and that the Soka Gakkai International will develop in this endeavour for svi generations to come. He has gotten more degrees than all of the famous people he talked with combined and at every meeting you here this.

It requires taking action to steer your life in the direction you truly want. Well no one is forcing you to do anything.

Chanting is usually performed for about 30 minutes night and morning gook is believed to bring about changes in a person’s life and reverse bad karma. In fact, I am the kind of person who wants to be very ssgi my own person, an individual who does things in my own way.

I gohgyo it in his speeches on Seikyo shimbun Japanese Soka newspaper. The practice has given me as a Black Woman the gongjo to do things, have experiences and go places that I would never have gone or done elsewhere because of the confidence and hope that I have gained through chanting and practicing with the members who I feel are supportive and not toxic…. But I think the matter of whether there are pictures of Nichiren or Ikeda displayed is rather unimportant.


Perhaps to someone with absolutely no knowledge of Buddhism, it would be a nice experience. Ku nai ken bussha.

Other than that, we have a May giving campaign as a major fundraising sig but even that is based on what you are able to give. Isshin yok ken butsu. The Soka Gakkai is based on Nichiren Fongyo teachings. Someone Out There September 17, at 3: I feel good about what I am doing for myself and others. In many ways he was a Buddhist Martin Luther who lived centuries before the great Protestant reformer.

Nichiren Buddhism

In a bit shell I took advise from a so called leader and had a nervous breakdown ptsd and I lost so so much because I was trapped in ptsd. Peter or all other saints.

Overall I thank si lucky stars for SGI, but feel as well that noone should stop their spiritual growth with any particular practice. The organization teaches many Buddhist theories which are true however they combo e in with the idea that this is the only mantra and that the scroll has mystic power.

That does not make a religion true, however. Offer additional prayers silently here I pray for my deceased relatives, fellow members, friends, and all those who have passed away, particularly for these individuals: Stick to the literature, get close to the older, wiser members.

BBC – Religions – Buddhism: Nichiren Buddhism

I had a leader above me who was essentially a sociopath and they delighted in trying to ruin my good name. Pamela Morris August 31, at 4: I chanted for hours, and with all my heart.

Tra February 14, at 2: Please embrace your inner Buddha nature, as everyone attains it from deep within.


As ofthe SGI reported active national organizations in countries and territories with a total of approximately 12 million members. I went to Episcopal church when I was a kid. I was one of three guests, the rest all had decades of experience in SGI Buddhist practice, which seems to consist of only chanting the Lotus Sutra. We are OPEN to solutions, we can SEE things for what they are — temporary situations, we can fix by changing our attitude and approach.

Think about it – the context of the Lotus Sutra was supposedly that Shakyamuni sat all of his followers down and said:. It was even said that it was helping people to renew and strengthen their own practice. Chanting that you take the advice given to you as encouragement and not as belittling judgement. I do, however, always keep an open mind.

The man was blacklisted! SGI, like many cults spends a lot of money on trying to appear legitimate.

In a church perhaps where I would be judged for this or that reason or another. Well, they all said no. By Marye Harrison T Habito, Japanese Journal of Religious Studies This book will help you to understand the emotional and psychological abuse you went through.

As my life stage is very low, I gather mean members around me. Yui butsu yo butsu. I tried to keep an open mind, but the first thing I thought weird was how all these ladies had to come to my house and investigate where I was going to keep my Gohonzon.