29 May Om Sai Ram. “Shirdi saibaba Ashtothram Mantra”. Aum shree saaye naadhaaya namah. Aum shree laxmi naaraayanaaya namah. 2 Apr Om Sai Natha (Lord Sai) Be Praised Om When Baba reached Shirdi, Mahalsapati, the temple priest welcomes Baba by calling him “Ya Sai”-.

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Only when a seed is soweda tree grows to yield fruits.

Slkoas page of related Sponsored Products. In order to get such a guidance sleep with the thought of Baba after addressing the problem to Him. All these five forces are part of the divine light to be merged with it at the time of liberation.

Sold by Repro Books and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Baba leads to this ultimate goal of human birth and promise of this knowledge called “Brahmagnanam” is rarely given by Saints. All experiences are meant for the evolution of the soul and Baba interferes beneficially when the right moment is reached.

Sai Mantra For Marital bliss. For peaceful life read again and again. The time now is Praise shiddi to Baba for this grace to us. The collective impact of this prayer can be easily gauged.

Hence this praise that our Baba is both Dakshinamoorthy and Dattatreya. Baba attacks the source of the malady viz the thought and the mind that causes the problem.

6 Important Sai Mantras for you

All devotees are advised to participate in Thursday pujas to benefit and to get extricated from difficult karmas. Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam Sundarakandam. Also Baba takes care of our worldy needs and thus on this count fear is unwarranted.


In the recent times at a place near Chennai called Shigdilived a great saint — “Chandrasekara Saraswati”who was known as Paramacharyaxai is also known as the sage of the 20TH century. Confidence and hope are twins who guarantee happiness and Baba by His grace ensures that these twins are provided to us in times of need. Baba indeed is the divine cow “Kamadhenu” — the one that can provide limitless bounties to the seeker.

For, this zhirdi is ruled by Baba as the “devata” an aspect of God or cosmic intelligence to lead humanity towards Godhead.

Baba indirectly teaches the “haves” amongst us to show concern and care towards the less fortunate brothern. All undesirable qualities such as greed, possessiveness, anger, utterance of lies and expressions of falsehood etc emerge.

Sai Namaavali in Tamil with meanings ( 1 to 30 )

It is also believed that cosmic intelligence which is the basis of creation, flows through us with the help of this Kundalini sakthi.

See all 15 reviews. Also, there is a natural order to be followed even when exceptions are made. Venkata is the shortened form of Venkateswara Perumal — Lord of Tirumalai. Powerful Mantras for Finding a Job. A poem a day to keep all agonies a Fire — representing hunger ; Earth — representing the elements in blood, flesh and bones viz the body ; Air — representing the breath ; Water — representing the hydrated state of the elements ; Akaash sky — representing the vital force residing inside called the “Atman”.


Baba readily provides these to His devotees. Baba has been spreading the message of love among his devotees across the world and this unifying glue of love authored by Baba transcends caste, creed, religion, status and nationalities. He is indeed the SaiLakshmi” for His devotees. Did He not cure the leper devotee in Shirdi when he called out Baba in agony? Whilst taking care of our wordly needs Baba the great saint that He is, also leads one at his own pace towards liberation.

Thus Baba is the power source in its entirety of Lord Vishnu. As He knows what future holds, Baba by virtue of His power, prevents an unhappy event of the future for His devotee and ensures a happy life here in and here after.

The true seekers are those who await enlightenment, and once the goal is reachedthere is no more grief which is a product of desire and ignorance. Thus, when Baba is worshipped ,one gets the benefit of worshipping all great and liberated souls.