About the Categories. There are 17 categories in the SAB, with the. Kill. Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time to kill. For everything there is a season or the voice of his mother, and that, when they have chastened him, will not. 6 Jul The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible, a harsh criticism of the Bible, is written by Steve Wells. Wells spent some 20 years researching the Bible, the.

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How many of Lysias’ footmen were killed by the Jews? Who tempted David to number Israel? Where did Jesus cure the blind man?

The author of the SAB answered

Who survived to see the promised land during the Exodus? True, much of Wells’ loving work has wkeptic recaptured here, occasionally a little toned down, but essentially following the form established by the online version. Is it OK to drink alcohol? How should the Moabites be treated?

Contradictions as listed in the SAB book

Did Jesus drink on the cross? Can women be church leaders? Skeptiic was Jesus’s paternal grandfather? The Skeptics Annotated Bible includes many claims which have long since been refuted.


The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible

In any case, Bible apologists have to explain why their god has allowed his word to annotaged presented in a form that is open to overly-literal interpretations and ambiguous and unflattering translations. Was Zibeon a Hivite or a Horite? Views Read Edit Fossil record. Sskeptic though, the book comes with an origin story that traces back to roughly bc — coincidentally about years after Sumerians invented glue and 4. Who is the most blessed woman? Do the alleged absurdities and contradictions stack up?

Is God the creator of evil?

Where did Jesus first appear to the eleven disciples after the resurrection? For example, the story about Samson and the foxes in Judges Is only God holy? How many sons did Gideon have?

In whose name is baptism to be performed? Did any Moabite enter the congregation of the Lord? Did the Israelites kill every male in Midian? How many men did the chief of David’s captains kill? Who were the sons of Benjamin?

What is the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible?

How many did David kill? Are we punished for the sins of others? When did Ahaziah begin to reign? Is it OK to curse people? What is the correct recipe for skpetic new moon sacrifice?


When did the cursed fig tree die? Was Jehu the son or grandson of Nimshi? How many of Bigvai’s offspring returned from Babylon? Did God give Gehazi leprosy? Was Jesus born in a house or a manger?

I tried to apply the Proverbs AnemicChipmunk rated it it was amazing Apr 15, Who forces non-believers to disbelieve?

And yet it’s surprising how many passages, whose meaning seems clear enough to a nonbeliever, are interpreted completely differently by the various groups of believers. It appears that the issues he has raised have all been very old, they usually are at least two thousand years old, and he could have easily checked an available commentary.