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implantes dentales y barra para sobredentadura

Some studies have highlighted the satisfaction and quality of life of the patients with overdentures on two dental implants Naert et al. The prostheses were flared to create the space for the abutments and in the vestibular side, two holes were done to allow the visualization of adequate space and without interferences.

It is believed that the primary stability of the implant plays an essential role in the success of the osseo-integration. A high torque in the implant placement is also associated with the primary stability Marzola et al. The patients excluded were those who had received previous mandibular bone regeneration, heavy bruxers, irradiated patients, patients with mental disorders, with severe systemic disease that prevented surgery, patients who received injectable bisphosphonates, and heavy smokers.


On the subjective scale, the average was of 9. Marginal bone level changes and prosthetic maintenance of mandibular overdentures supported by 2 implants: The role of osseointegrated dental implants in the treatment of elderly people. A complete finite element model of a mandibular implant-retained overdenture with two implants: The pain was controlled with acetaminophen mg, one every 8 hours during three days, Nimesulide mg, one every 12 hours during three days.

Prosthetic aspects and patient satisfaction with two-implant-retained mandibular overdentures: Osseointegration and Occlusal Rehabilitation. In this study, the overall patient satisfaction with treatment with the overdentures was high. Comparative analysis study of dental implants subjected to immediate functional loading and immediate nonfunctional loading to traditional healing periods with a follow-up of up to 24 months.

Implant-retained mandibular overdentures with ITI implants. One patient withdrew from the study. Finalmente se procede a la sutura con puntos sueltos o continua, reposicionando las papilas a su lugar de origen.

Immediate loading of unsplinted implants in the anterior mandible for overdentures: A satisfaction of After 12 months the implants were loaded, the survival rate was of Se extraen primero los dientes del maxilar superior. Implant-retained mandibular overdentures with immediate loading: One patient was excluded from the research, since it was impossible to conduct assessments because he moved his permanent residence abroad. Copy code to clipboard.



Direct bone anchorage of dental implants. After the insertion of the implant, the ball abutments were connected.

A year follow-up study on patient satisfaction. This same author did not report statistically significant differences in the number of appointments for making an overdenture immediately loaded or loaded conventionally. This satisfaction is consistent with the findings of Naert et al.

Oral health status and treatment satisfaction with mandibular implant overdentures and conventional dentures: Survival of the Implants: Clinical and radiologic evaluation of 2-stage IMZ implants placed in a single-stage procedure: Therefore, relines will be necessary during the adaptive period. A prospective, comparative study. The retentive elements “O-ring” of the prosthetics were worn at Each patient received two inter-foraminal implants in the mandible, near the canine, with an insertion torque greater than 45 Ncm.

Delete comment or cancel. Carrera 13Turbana. The patients and implants data were recorded in the statistical program SPSS version