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The proud do not wish to live according to the will of God, they prefer to direct their own lives, and they do not understand that sorfonie lacks the capacity to direct his own life without God.

All Formats Paperback Sort by: The Lord called on a sinful soul to repent, and it turned to Him. The Lord, though He is merciful, tests the soul with hunger and does not bestow grace until it learns humility. The Lord created man from earth, but He loves us as His children, and awaits us with joy.

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It is the same with the soul that begins to drown in evil thoughts when it enters into doubt. When a soul lives in the Holy Spirit, then it is joyful and does not pine for the heavens, because it feels the Kingdom of God within itself: Saint Serafim was 27 years old, when he saw the Lord, and his soul loved God so, that the sweetness of the Holy Spirit changed him entirely.

The humility of Christ exists in the lowly: This is how the saints lived, for the Spirit of God taught their souls to pray for others. A person can fall into vainglory either through inexperience or pride. Know that if your thought leads you to look at how others live, this is a sign of pride. Why did the Holy Fathers place obedience above fasting and prayer? The Holy Spirit teaches the soul unspoken love for people and sorrow for all those who have lost their way and who are descending into hell.


Perhaps you ask, why do I not feel such grace? God awaits our repentance with mercy.

Adam was unwise not to ask the Lord about the fruit brought to him by Eve, and so lost Eden. Whoever has a mind clear of unnecessary thought — this is the second form of love, greater than the first. The Angels, Seraphims and Cherubims love you. Whoever does not love his enemies cannot achieve peace, even if he were placed in Eden. Home Patron and Holy Relics St.

You can be obedient and reproach yourself in everything — this is a form of humility. But this is not for everyone.

Man is like a village rooster who lives in a small enclosure with few people and farm animals about, who knows his ten hens and is content with this life, because he knows no more.

If someone prays much and fasts, but does not love his enemies, then he cannot achieve peace in his soul. The Lord loves people, but sends them sorrows, so that they can understand their weakness and be humbled, and for their humility they can accept the Holy Spirit. And then the Lord will make you wiser with His grace, for the Lord loves us more than words can describe.

Everyone should think this over. Then He mercifully accepted it and revealed Himself to it because He is merciful, humble and meek. Thus is peace retained, and there is no other path. And if he needs some thing, then he submits himself and that thing to God; and if he does not receive it, then he remains content as though he had received it.

People, until they come to know something greater, are satisfied with the little that they have.

arhim Sofronie Saharov

You, in your humility, are loved by the Ever-Virgin Mother of God. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Elder Siluan walked the earth, labored with his hands, and lived among people as a simple human, but nobody except God ever knew him.

If a vision is from the enemy the soul will feel confusion and fear; but this is only a humble soul that feels itself unworthy of a vision; a vain person may not feel sovronie or even confusion, because he seeks visions and feels himself worthy, and as a result the enemy easily fools him.


Many like to read good books, and this is commendable, but prayer is best. And so, only the Lord knows all; as for us, whoever we are, sofornie must pray to God for enlightenment and turn to our spiritual confessors, so as not to make mistakes.

The Lord wishes our souls to be humble, absent of hate and willing to forgive all, then the Lord shall forgive us with joy.

When you have no kind mentors, then you must submit humbly to the will of God. Final Word I f we view the entire two-thousand-year history of Christianity, we can see the endless wealth of achievements of Christian culture. You shine brightly, like the sun, and you do not burn out, but give warmth to all around. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

But this is only the first step in humility; when the soul experiences the Lord through the Holy Spirit in His humility and meekness, then it sees itself as worse than all.

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But none of them could retain grace, because we are not humble. If it is inexperience, the Lord will quickly heal him, but if it is pride, the soul will suffer long before it learns to be humble. We fall into vainglory when we think we are sahsrov and more experienced than others, even our confessor. Holy rites are performed in churches in the presence of the Holy Spirit, but the soul is the best church of God, and whoever prays in the soul knows the world as his church.