Tahrir Al-Wasilah part 1 [Imam Khomeini] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is one of the many Islamic publications distributed by . Islamic Jurisprudence According to the Tahrir al-Wasilah of Ayatullah ‘Uzma Imam Khomeini [Ayatullah ‘Uzma Imam Khomeini, Abdul Karim Biazar Shirazi. Tahrir Al-Wasilah part 2 [Imam Khomeini] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is one of the many Islamic publications distributed by .

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Why does the downloadable zipped file at the end of the article contain only html files? And it also includes musical instruments. As I understand neither Persian nor Arabic, here’s a terrible, as usual automatic online translation of the above Arabic [21]:. Slightly more than 1, of the questions concern public law directly or indirectly.

Description This book is one of the many Islamic publications distributed by Ahlulbayt Organization throughout the world in different languages with the aim of conveying the message of Islam to the people of the world.

Please supply full citations when adding information, and consider tagging or removing unsourced information. Here’s what it is claimed to be saying, according to the same website [19] and a lot of other web pages that have quoted ultimately from here:. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However he should not wasilay, but sodomising is acceptable. This girl, however does not count as one of his four permanent wives.


The use of exchange bureaux or banks is only permitted if interest is renounced. You may read this book carefully and should you be interested to have further study on such publications you can contact us through www.

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When updating the article, be bold, but not reckless.

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Written during Khomeini’s exile, the book was started in in Turkey and finished in Iraq [3] started in[2] and comes in two volumes and four editions. Now on the meaning of Tafkhid: Tabrir literature Shia fiqh. These quotes, as they are very famous and have wasilag been used to design Khomeini deserve to be put in the article:. I’m glad to see some more open mindedness.

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

And that’s leaving aside all the issues regarding semantics and meanings of certain words. Tafkhid as I researched, does not mean Sodomy. Indeed, the penance is doubled when it is used in connection with worshipping the sublime God. Children of apostates may be considered apostates themselves, even if they never accepted Islam because: The people associated with the Homa Darabi website – and people who have jumped on this Tahrirolvasyleh bandwagen – are politically motivated.


Why is this reference supposedly contained in an obscure book, and not in any of Ayatollah Khomeini’s main books like his Resaleh?

Tahrir Al-Wasilah Part 1

The Way of the Strangers Graeme Wood. Views Read Edit View history. I Can Pray Anywhere! The Accessible Conspectus Musa Furber. Homa Darabi foundation obviously did NOT fabricate the whole book it is a real book but they fabricated the quote and the existence of a “fourth” volume.

HTML is not a photostatic reproduction of the original, and anyone can make some html documents, and claim that they came from some book. The book is known as Tahrirolvasyleh in Persian. Retrieved from ” https: