the basics of constructing a simple roadway project using Terramodel. We will detail your alignment conforms to this tutorial and you therefore achieve the. Training Guide, Basic Terramodel Concepts. It applies to version of the. Terramodel® software. The following limited warranties give you specific legal. This is the terramodel manual. by muhamadsadiq

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With the Geocomp Update, both transform points, sets, plines, blocks and text.


The cut and fill slope values of the chords match the values of the arcs. Once you have selected the points, run the next command that Use Previous to reselect the points in another command. If you pick the main registered hal, you can move the nearest intersection point to a new location. The pline is tutoriwl draped on the existing surface, the points and sets created are added to each new surface.

This saves memory, eliminates transposition errors and, when the design is updated, the dynaview is updated automatically. Where the report shows points which will affect the DTM significantly, and you can separate the points by properties such as colour, elevation, “of line” or name, you can use commands to move, delete, relayer or change elevations before forming a DTM.

INI in use might be in C: The 3D Visualiser window can be maximised, minimised and restored. The vertical angle is applied titorial the direction of the indicated bearing, establishing the tilt of the plane surface, which passes through the reference point.

GC31 relayers points on a layer that are within a configurable tolerance and GC86 moves selected points relative to an alignment. If polylines on a constant non-zero grade import as plines, tutorizl Geocomp Update Modify the elevation of existing points so that they lie on the design surface of a designated road job.


The report also includes a summary with tolerance percentages, maxima, minima and standard deviation.


The displayed colour will not appear to change until and unless you change the layer of the object or the colour in the layer settings. What you see depends on the font. Compute cross sections where xlines intersect selected 3D sets, then export hal, val and sections to a single MCA file and report to P3Pad. Replace all arcs in selected sets with additional segments by number of points, chords or an arc-to-chord tolerance. When the dataset is loaded into Paraview, it looks probably quite boring: Hal Pts Create points at vertices and at beginnings and ends of arcs and spirals.

Join the locations with a pline or join points at those locations with a set and radial sets to the centre point. Some are also available from other sources.

Update all design or subgrade templates in a roadway which have the same template name by copying the design of a nominated template. The points and vertices terrmodel located by a specifying a maximum chainage interval and a maximum 3D offset from curve to chord.

Bad records are displayed when an EAT code in a text object refers to an object by number that no longer exists. Alternatively use GC90 or GC Surveyors with certain Trimble instruments can apply the elevation differences while importing “Trimble tutorila survey. For other variations on clipping and trimming, see CLIP.

Any objects that refer to either object line thereafter refer to the modified object. The width is perpendicular to the segment.

Tutorial: TERRA Model + Topography in Paraview — Earth Models

For each station in turn, all points within the limit are listed. The selected contours must be closed, assigned an elevation, and form a continuously rising mound or a terrsmodel falling depression. BUP in its current location. Terramodel is installed into C: Find triangle centroids within specified surface, chainage, boundary, offsets, slope or cut or fill limits, and then calculate and report the areas of matching triangles.


The chainage of the point along the selected baseline determines the x-coordinate, while the elevation of the point determines the y-coordinate position. If both the new points are within the extents of the sets, the closest distance is also the perpendicular distance. Click Update to replace the alias. In most cases, converting to. ASC files can be imported into Civilcad versions 4 and 5.

TML List of Terramodel commands available from Geocomp Systems

If you do, identify the discrepancy, undo the AutoDrafting, correct the survey or the ADC, delete the unknown features from the ADC and then rerun AutoDraft on the survey until you are no longer prompted. Since the ranges are by 3D distances from the current roadway, this works best with approximately circular shapes such as those used in tunnels.

The two new sets cover the maximum horizontal extent of both boundaries, but with different layers and elevations. The distances are measured perpendicular to the mean of the slopes of the triangles on each point.

BLK or text file. Points in selected sets are copied to the new layer, even if the points are not selected. Display a single DTM surface with points, links, coloured bands, grids, shadows and elevation ranges.