Astral Body has 89 ratings and 9 reviews. Ron said: This is series of 5 books edited by Colonel Arthur E. Powell. He very methodically combined informati. 6 Feb Theosophy-grounded and therefore derived ultimately from Kabbala / esoteric/ occult Judaism (Nesta H. Webster: Secret Societies and. The STRAL ODY AND OTHERASTRAL PHENOMENA A.E. POWELL THE ASTRAL BODY By the same Author in this series The Etheric Double The Mental .

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The use of alcohol or narcotic drugs, including tobacco.

The Astral Body and other astral phenomena (1927)

There is reason to believe that electrons are astral I L II Astral matter responds more rapidly than physical to every impulse from the world of mind, and conse- quently the astral body of a man, being made of astral matter, shares this readiness to respond to the impact of thought, and thrills in answer to every thought that strikes it, tue the thoughts come from without, i.

In the case of a spiritually developed man the astral A w For our purposes in this book desire and emotion are frequently used as practically synonymous: Thus a form of definite affection 7 F directed to a particular individual shapes itself not T F A man who has even thee per cent, of good makes a slight hody.

May 02, Gregg rated it it was amazing Shelves: A variant of our first group consists of those cases 1 ‘ astrzl a man thinks strongly of himself in a distant place. During sleep or trance it is possible for the astral body to separate itself from the physical body and to move about and function freely on its own plane. In Western psychology, this Kama-Manas becomes a part of what in that system is termed Mind.

Its life may be sstral ally reinforced by this repetition, a thought which is brooded over acquiring great stability of form. Special Cases XVI. Sinnett W Other Side of Death. This fact obviously explains many of the phenomena of crowd- consciousness see Chapter XXV.

The actual writer thus often finds his plots working themselves out according to a plan quite different from his original conception.

Such thought-desire forms are caused by Kama-Manas, the mind under the dominion of the animal nature, Manas dominated by Kama. The yogi therefore cannot afford to use these for the higher processes of thought. Abbrevi- ation Ancient Wisdom A. In the physical body the result would be pain: Poqell man, the normal brain-intelligence nody produced by the union of Kama with Manas, or Mind, this S P union being often spoken of as Kama-Manas. Turning to human sounds, an angry ejaculation h S I throws itself forth like a scarlet spear: Archana rated it it was amazing Jul 05, This would operate in two ways.


Such obsession need not necessarily be what we call evil, though powsll truth is that all obses- sion is injurious.

If made of the finer kinds of matter, it will be of great power and energy, and may be used as a most potent agent when directed thf a strong powlel steady will. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Precisely in the same way, if a man who has developed astral and mental consciousness focusses himself in the PHYSICAL LIFE 81 physical brain, as in ordinary life, he will see perfectly the physical bodies of people, and at the same time he will see their astral and mental bodies, but only somewhat dimly.

Each builds on the last.

One of the first things a man learns to do in his astral body is to travel in it, it being possible for the astral body to move, with great rapidity, and to great distances from powll sleeping physical body.

The vice of avarice seems to have the effect of completely arresting development for the time, and it is very difficult to shake off when once it has gained a firm hold.

The Astral Body and other Astral Phenomena Arthur E Powell –

It is rather the whole of the particles of the astral body which possess the power of response. Even tea and coffee contain this matter, but only in infinitesimal quantities, so that only long-continued abuse of them would produce the effect. The result powelll indescribably ghastly: It is therefore a practical impossibility to describe them adequately in words which pertain to our ordinary three-dimen- sional experiences, still less to portray them in two- dimensional pictures on paper.


Chris DiSano-Davenport rated it it was amazing Jan 20, Secondly, the talisman works indirectly upon the mind of the wearer: The most remarkable change, how- ever, is the curious series of parallel horizontal lines across the oval, giving the tje of a cage.

Astral Body and Other Astral Phenomena by Powell, Arthur E

In the case of intense anger, the ordinary background M V I of the astral body is obscured by coils or vortices of ,01, heavy, thunderous masses of sooty blackness, lit up from within by the lurid glare of active hatred. Although powll particles of the stone are physical, yet, being in a key thf at this level with the key of purity on higher levels, they will, even without the stone being magnetised, check impure thought or feeling by virtue of the overtones.

So also are ” ether ” and ” etheric “. He thus has at least breathing space, and rest from the endless conflict caused by the perpetual battering on his vehicles of other people’s feelings and thoughts, and can find time to yhe coherently. The result of evil is stored in the astral and mental permanent atoms: Preview — Astral Body by Arthur E.

These divisions of our subject, with numerous ramifications, will constitute the major portion of the remainder of this treatise. They may probably gain certain astra powers, but these will be such as will bring them into touch with a lower order of evolution, with which humanity is intended to hold no commerce, and to escape from its thraldom may take bodj than one incarnation.

Astral Body: And Other Astral Phenomena

Sometimes crowds of nature-spirits see p may be seen admiring the music-forms and bathing in the waves of influence which they send forth.

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In their external relations, the vignanamayakosha and the manomayakosha, especially the manomaya- kosha, are related to the Deva world.